Viggen Found!

This was another one of those totally unexpected things that happened today.

I hadn’t even given this car a thought prior to the festival. For some reason it just hadn’t crossed my mental radar at all. We were wandering around the Saab museum looking for Erik Carlsson and whilst checking out one of the seminar rooms, this yellow flash caught Brendan’s eye.

As mentioned, this is the Viggen prototype. The birthmother of the car that sits in my very own driveway and a model that makes thousands of people all over the world smile on a day to day basis.

For a good bit of Viggen history, I’d recommend the Viggen writeup over at Abbott Racing Motorsport.

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  1. “…and that, kids, is how Grandpa Swade got deported from Sweden.”

    LOL! One would think that the steering wheel would fit into your luggage, go back and take the sucker!

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