Wednesday Night in Trollhattan

In Trollhattan during the summer, the local car nuts get out their special cars every Wednesday night and drive them down to the locks. They park, walk around, have a chat and put on a free car show for the locals. Tonight, being the first Wednesday of the summer, a fine evening and the night before the Saab Festival begins, there was a large crowd present and huge variety of cars.

I think it was Ted and CTM who had a conversation in comments a few weeks ago about the affinity the Swedes and the Americans have, especially for old classic American metal.

Tonight we saw a fair glimpse of that, and a lot of Swedish metal too.

Here’s some pics of interest, but as there’s too many to post on site I’ve loaded the full set over at Flickr (warning, there’s one number plate in that set that’s not family friendly).


Just some of the Americans on display……



Some more of the Americans there tonight:



Is this photographic proof of me being in Sweden????

Naaah. The hair’s just not right.



Saab Sonett Chassis #3. That means I saw half of the six Sonetts ever built all in one day (there’s two at the museum). There was also a very good yellow replica there tonight.



One especially for Paul Humpage and PT:



A two stroke from a Saab 96. Heaps of 96s and earlier at the Flickr link above. Just for you, Ted.


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  1. Hi Steve
    Thanks for a great blog! Back in Melbourne I am getting texts & emails from Dan, he is having a fantastic time. How about posting a picture of Dan on your site, just for me!
    Regards, Julie

  2. That two-tone blue and white 57 Chevy sure brings back memories. That car and that color had to be the most popular and desirable car on the road when I was in my teens.
    You mentioned a replica of the first Sonett. If I wasn’t so old, I’d start on a project like that. Didn’t know anyone did that. I wonder if blueprints of the original are available.
    Well, I’m off to Flickr now…

  3. I think you just got photographic evidence of the demographic Cadillac is shooting for in Europe: that ONE guy in the Caddy shirt! Sell that man a BLS! ;-0

  4. egg’s or any else in the humours department; may you enlighten me (with a non English mother tongue brain) what the non-children’s friendly register plate pin down. I really have a hard time getting it…


  5. cool pictures…..and I did go through the Flickr album. It would have been so fun to go there for the festival.

    Now…could not find the number plate that you were referring to as now “family friendly”, but that is just me.


  6. Saab Sonnett REPLICA? I may have missed something, but is this something that is/was actually available, or is this something in the same rarified air as the originals? Is there more info on this somewhere?

  7. If I recall correctly, the Sonett replica was actually a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado, re-badged as a Saab. It was only sold in Europe (and in Australia, of course – for the die-hard Caddy-fans down under !)

  8. I like to think Cadillac’s name still makes sense, and that’s all I’ll say.

    Anyway, I wish I had a replica Sonett…in that shade of yellow, too…anyway, replica means that someone took the time to hammer out a copy of the original. Car replicas are obscenely expensive. They aren’t mass produced.

    Also, that was a totally awesome C3 Corvette. I saw a midnight blue one driving around my town last night. It looked beautiful and sounded like pure power.

    Oh, and the Saabs were cool too :p

  9. Jeff, I agree (I think ?) with you that Cadillac has more positive brand identity than many other/most GM brands. My joking was more about Swade’s crusade against GM’s European strategy.

    About the Sonett replicas: I’ve seen pictures about at least 2 or 3 (or so) homebuilt one-offs in Sweden. As Sonett shares quite a lot of 96/93’s powertrain, chassis and structure, the mechanical part might be easier than expected. The Sonett I even has no trunk, roof, door glasses or rear glass, which is great from the building point of view.

    I wonder, though, if any of the replica builders had a chance to make their molds from a real thing ? (which I doubt)

  10. riku –

    your comment reminded me of something I read somewhere … that Sonnet I – #1 was hand pounded steel, and that the others were all made from a mold of #1 … so that may mean that someone acquired those molds/dies rather than using one of the actual cars.

    The other option could be related to the green one that was heavily modified and then restored back to original … it sounds like that one has been through the ringer and back agan.

  11. Nice pics .
    Did get a surprise when i got to work . When ppl say i m famous . 🙂
    Im the guy in the cadillac shirt.

    nice pics.

    And no thanx dont want a BLS . prefer my Seville sts 92 😛


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