XWD Question Answered

There’s been a little bit of speculation both here and elsewhere with regards to the new Saab XWD system and what models it will be available on.

In order to clear up that issue, I wrote to Saab Sweden and asked the question.

The response is as follows:

As a start XWD will be available only with the V6 engine. Most likely we will expand the offer to more engines in the future.

So that should clear that up. It’s going to be a little while before anyone can offer a 2.0T or a TTiD with the XWD option.

Now you know.

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  1. In Canada, there are an awful lot of A4 1.8T and 2.0T with quattro.
    I hope Saab (Canada) doesn’t dream too much that people are willing to pay an extra 5, 6 or 7k to get Saab XWD. They should get on with it, compete with Audi head-to-head and try to win market share, rather than fancy marketing positioning!
    I bought a 2006 SC after leasing a 2003 2.0t Linear. With gas prices being what they are, the 2.0t was good value and much better fuel efficiency. I hope they don’t repeat this mistake in Canada with an all-V6 XWD product offering. That would be missing a big opportonity to increase the brand awareness, after all these year of toiling in obscurity in the premium car segment.
    Based on history, though, I am not terribly optimistic.

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