2008 Saab leasing question….

“Ajb” left his first comment on the site earlier today (my time) and it’s one with a question that I’m sure one of the dealers that lurks around these pages could answer. Here’s the comment in full:

The lease on my 06 A4 2.0TQ Avant is up soon, and I went today to look at a Saab. I’ve always thought of them as neat cars, since they are certainly “rare” and a bit quirky in their own right. Drove the Aero Combi today (an 07 black auto) and I have to say, I came away impressed. Very quick for a daily driver, and a very nice, sporty suspension feel. Seats were noticeably more comfy than those in my Audi too. The deals on the 07’s seem pretty nice as well. I didn’t even negotiate a single aspect (was just looking) and the dealer I was at quoted nothing down (just sales tax) and around $465 a month for a manual transmission car with everything but navigation, for 37 months with 15k a year. Who knows if negotiating gets me any better but I was definitely interested.

Anyway, at the risk of rambling, does anyone have any insider info as to the lease programs on an 08? Also, can anyone here offer any realworld opinion of the 2.0T vs the Aero? This is a daily driver for me (I have a modded 350Z for fun time) and while I love having the rarer model, it seemed to be a pretty big difference in price between the Aero and 2.0T.

By the way…dealer was North Shore Saab in I think Roslyn, or Great Neck NY. The gentleman there was very helpful, tossing me the keys to drive the Aero without hesitation and telling me to “have fun”. Very low pressure too, which was nice (for a change, for a dealer!)

The big question is in bold there.

If there’s a dealer reading this today (i.e. you’re not on a plane for the dealer conference in Sweden later this week) then please let us know what the leasing deal is so that we can get “Ajb” out of that Audi and into one of those magnificent new 2008s.

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  1. If I remember correctly from the first 9-5 facelift, back when I sold these things, lease numbers on cars that are not due to lots on a mainstream basis are not available until that month. Typically, the money factor (fancy term for very, very low interest rate) and incentives are not as great as the outgoing model to offset the boost in MSRP, but where this is a highly anticipated launch for Saab and they are trying to make as many conquest sales as possible (Stay away from the Audi!!), I may stand to be corrected on my words. Frankly, when I sold Saabs, there was never a launch this highly anticipated so I really don’t know for sure.

  2. Fist of all the BEST term by far is 27 months. If you can get a 60th anniversary those are the best deal. The 2008 rates are the same as the 2007’s however, the car is going up about $1300 in price and we wont see any here in the states until the begining of October. The numbers seem right in line for a 27 month/15,000 mile per year 9-3 sport combi in 60th anniversary trim.

  3. The 2007 models are deeply discounted. I don’t believe the 2008 will be discounted as deeply until there is ample supply and the day supply of 2007 goes down alot. As a dealer I’d say get a 2007 if its all about $$. If its not, wait until the 2008 models arrive, they should be at dealers in Sept at the latest. We have a couple scheduled for late August arrival. There is always buying a late model certified car, under the new GM policies you can get a certified 2007 model. The former company cars qualify, some don’t even have any miles on them but are considered used by the GM geniuses. But, that’s a story for another lifetime….

  4. the 2008 lease program IS NOT THE SAME as the 2007’s. First off there is lease assistance currently available on 2007’s. Plus take into account the “aged” inventory incentive the leases will be very different. While there will be support from the start…we were told it will not be in the same league as the current program. The saving grace of the 2008 is a higher residual value which should help off set the price increase but dont anticipate any 299 per month leases for a while!!! sadly

  5. thanks in advance for any help guys, I appreciate it

    In fact, this might turn into 2 cars being sold. I got my ’06 A4 Avant in September 06. The deal was so good, and the car so nice, when I came around to show my parents the car a couple weeks after getting it, my dad went out and got a sedan for my mother. He loves the car, she is not so thrilled with it, mainly due to the rear visibility (eh what does she know, the car has all of 5k miles on it now…she hasn’t used it enough to know it’s faults!)

    I do appreciate the communal welcome though…was looking online at 08 Combi pics today and it’s looking really nice, though the 07 is equally nice. Any info regarding equipment, option packages and program details would be great!


  6. Brent – the dealer I was at yesterday intially said the 27 month was better too, but after I got back from my test drive, he actually said the 39 was the better deal. I honestly didn’t get into specifics but he and I seemed on the same page, and he knew I knew my way around a lease. The #’s I quoted above though were for a 39 mos deal, on an Aero without navi, but otherwise loaded. The sedan deal was even better (~$40 a month less)

    I am honestly not familiar with the 60th Anniversay model – any link with info? I have not driven the 2.0T yet, and I plan to (price is not crucial to me, but I don’t want to spend money uselessly either). I hope to go to my local dealer this week to drive the 2.0 version though. I expect it to feel similar to my Audi in all honesty.

  7. ajb:

    I know that I’m the lone voice crying in the wilderness on this, but I think that leasing a car usually isn’t the best deal period. The best deal is usually buying a one-year-old or two-year-old car and paying cash.

    Maybe I’ve been listening to Dave Ramsey a little too long.

  8. Speaking from a retail stand point the popularity of leasing is both a blessing and a curse especially for Saab. The majority of Saab’s business is leasing. This is good for a retail standpoint as people are drawn into dealers by 299 per month leases on $30000 cars. The drawback is that the leases cost big money to support. Not only thru Saab but the finance arm pays up big time to offer these leases. Plus the residual values are set artificailly high to keep the payments as cheap as possible!! Over the last 5-7 years Saab has tried everything to cut back on the lease penetration at least here in the US to no avail. As a brand Saab has one of the highest lease percentages in the business. So for the consumer ITS THE ONLY WAY TO GET A SAAB, not so much for Saab/GM. My advice after 11 years with Saab: LEASE THE CAR. And then if it is a brand you may want to stay with, purchase your next one and drive it until the wheels fall off. Just dont finance the car if at all possible. Talk about scary depreciation.

  9. I replaced my 2001 SAAB 9-5 Aero SportWagon with a 2007 SAAB 9-5 Aero SportCombi. I got a great lease deal on the new SAAB, no presurre from the Walnut Creek, California dealer (Dirito Brothers). I considered an ’08 but the deals on the 2007s are hard to beat.

  10. On an unrelated note, seems like Saab Canada have officially put out word for the MY08 9-3, and from the microsite on Saab Canada’s website one can see a few different details on the U.S./Canada spec, namely:

    – The shark fin is standard GM;
    – There is a spoiler on the Aero sport sedan;
    – The rear lights seem to have more red elements than the Euro spec, on all tree models.

  11. Also just noticed that some of the pictures on Saab Canada’s website show a dual tail-pipe on the driver’s side as opposed to two separate pipes on each side of the read end. Hmm…

  12. eggsngrits – it all comes down to ones circumstances. I own my own business, and use the car primarily to travel to and from work, carry parts, etc. and as such, the lease is a write off for me. Far greater tax advantage vs a loan.

    One could also make the argument that dumping significant portions of cash into a depreciating asset, like a car such as this, is about the most foolish thing one could do with ones money – personally, for a daily driver, in my circumstance, the least is absolutely ideal. I’d rather take the same amount of cash, and sock it into an IRA, or back into my business (as I’ve done), vs buying a car

  13. ajb:

    Business lease is different than personal use lease, which is what I was referring to.

    And, with a one- or two-year-old car, the depreciation is drastically reduced. And, paying cash, no interest paid, which is a significant chunk of cash.

  14. Financing is not always a bad idea … when you have access to employee pricing plus $7,500 rebate like I got on my ’06 Aero SC … well it is hard to go wrong. Trade in reduced purchase price by another $8,000 and rates were relatively low. I’ll own it clear before the bumper to bumper waranty expires. At that point It will be worth about $15k which will be a nice down payment on a 2011 9-3!

    Of course an Aveo or public transportation is cheaper … but where is the fun in that?

  15. eggs – this is a personal lease but since business related expenses are a write off, I still get the tax benefits. Yes, interest payments are certainly expensive – that’s why the bankers are wealthy and I’m only looking at a Saab and not the Maserati I crave lol. For a daily driven car though, I can’t ever see myself finding the “one” I must own – the lease makes more sense, for me. I do own other cars, but they are not cars I will sell or trade out of anytime soon

    Employee pricing is a great incentive for sure – I have no access to it though

    I need ton find some time to drive a 2.0 but for the relatively small price difference over the course of the lease I think the Aero will be the one I end up with. Next trick is either getting out of my current lease a month early, or hoping there is still an 07 aero left nearby when my lease is up next month

    thanks again guys!

  16. If you are at all concerned about gas mileage stick with the 2.0T. You’ll average about 20 mpg with the Aero if you are lucky.

  17. I just wanted to let everyone know I pulled the trigger a few weeks back and got a good deal on an 07 9-3 Aero Combi. Finished in black with the grey interior. I’ve been very very pleased with the car, as its comfortable, quick, and certainly rare (mine is literally the only one I’ve ever seen!)

    Since I’m “in the business” as they say, I’m currently researching some tasteful upgrades now that I’m already at 1400 miles. Ithink first on the list will be wheels, if I can find somethiing I like. Next up from there, the BSR software is tempting 😉 Just seems the forums have little enthusiasts around the newer models

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