9-1 sketch – real or fun stuff?



ctm has forwarded me a sketch of a proposed Saab 9-1, which he got from the iSaab forum in Sweden. Interesting stuff. There’s no word on who did it, but it’s got that aura of professionalism about it.

The signature’s odd. I can’t read it but perhaps someone can. It almost looks as if it’s backwards, but then the “turbo” on the car is the written correctly.

ctm opined that it’s got some Saab 99 about it and I agree. And that’s a great thing. The more Saab 99 comes into this smaller Saab the better. The curved windshield is tipped to make a comeback and was identified by no less than Carl-Peter Forster himself as being a trademark that identifies Saab.

As far as sketches go, I think it’s encouraging. Any clues on the source or authenticity would be appreciated.

Saab 9-1 sketch



The artist has got in touch with me! Something seemed a little familiar about this image and now I know why.

Back in April I featured a design for a brilliant Saab inspired computer mouse, called Urmus. It was designed by a young Swedish designer named Niklas Palm. He’s also the guy responsible for the sketch above.

Niklas is a design student from Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. I’m hoping he might be able to supply any more Saab-inspired images he has from time to time. I’ll be more than happy to share them with you as I happen to think they’re great.

Saab Expressions really should be looking at producing that UrMus. It’s fantastic!

Anyway, here’s another look at that Saab 9-1 of Niklas’ from the portfolio he sent me.

Palm Saab 9-1

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  1. Reminds me of a model T Ford somehow… Nose and rims are nice, but the roof is something I really wouldn’t like to see in a Saab.

  2. Must be great to be able to put ideas to paper like that. These might need some finishing around the roof and all, but they are definitely inspirational, a nice nucleus to develop on.

  3. None of these photos show the forward sloping hatchback. That is a vital element to the 9-1 which is supposed to relate back to the 99 & 900 in that regard.

  4. Well, I think you can see some sort of hatch. Remember, this is a small(er) car and you can’t have a long sloping hatch on it.

  5. Wow.

    That looks like a rolling turd.

    Like some sort of silly dragracer or funny car based on a Ford Model A.

    That vertical windhield is the dumbest thing I ahve seen in a long time. Looks like it belongs on a train, truck, bus or boat, not on a car.

  6. In my opinion it looks like a Mini combined with a Daihatsu Materia. The grill and the hatchback show no relation to Saab and the steep windscreen looks everything but aerodynamic or sleek.

    I hope they’ll come up with a completely different design.

  7. that designer has talent!

    IMO, give the front glass some angle, and show a rear perspective showing some aggressive dual exhaust design (essential, since the engine will be a 300hp twin-turbo beast).

    I know….dream on……….

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