9-3 Convertible – Aussie sales avalanche!

Saab Australia had their best month for years last month, with 336 vehicles sold.

What’s most striking about this is that Carpoint, another Australian motoring publication, have broken down sales by model type and then by specific models. This data isn’t usually available through the news sources (probably a subscription thing with the Automotive Chamber).

In that piece, we get the following:

Proving that people resolutely equate convertibles with sports cars, the Holden Astra convertible (128 units) and the Saab 9-3 (114) topped the sports segment. The Astra has enjoyed a resurgence over the last twelve months, with YTD market share improving from 10.9 per cent (2006) to 14.6 per cent (2007).

Nothing else in the sports segment made it into triple figures, although Mazda’s MX-5 nearly did it, on 99 units for the month. The MX-5’s performance in isolation proves that people don’t buy soft-tops in winter. June’s market share (11.0 per cent) doesn’t compare with the YTD share of 13.2 per cent.

Unfortunately for that argument, the Saab is the exception that proves the rule. The 9-3 convertible actually picked up 5.5 per cent extra market share for the month (12.7 per cent for the month, 7.2 per cent YTD).

That would be 114 Convertibles out of a total of 336 Saabs sold during June!!! Is there any other national market that’s had one third of it’s vehicles sales being Convertibles? Or is this normal in other markets too? Sales guys around the world, let us know!

Some further probing of Saab Oz on the issue revealed that this is not a totally isolated statistic – 369 out of the 1,148 sales so far this year – 32.1 percent – have been Convertibles!

What made all Saabs particularly attractive during June was the ‘Air Born – You Fly, We Pay’ incentive scheme. Saab were offering a few extra goodies and paying for all on-road costs, which was a total retail saving of around $7,500 for the customer.

Thanks Turbin for the heads-up on the link.


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