9-3 Diesel video review – Australia

This one’s for the Aussies out there today.

If I had my act together and was more experienced at this sort of stuff, this is the sort of thing I’d have liked to do whilst at the Diesel and BioPower launch last January in Brisbane.

A good presentation.

My memories of that day and the favourable impression made by the new diesel models are still quite vivid.

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  1. Nice insight to the range.

    You’ve pampered me so, Swade, that my initial reaction to the video was, “Oh, no MY08, ho-hum.” (Then I realized it was the January Diesel unveiling.)

  2. Nice Richo!

    Maybe some cliche Swedish Eurodance music for an intro?

    Nah, something more sophisticated and refined?

  3. How odd, that was almost difficult to watch. No mention of the 9-5 being an ancient design, nor of the 9-3 being a Vectra in drag or for that matter no mention of GM struggling and Saab being the loss making runt of the litter. Well made, good looking cars that are enjoyable and safe to drive, who’d a thunk it?

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