A lesser day

I only had one must-do task today (cleaning up the dog poop in the back yard) so when I saw that there was still snow on the mountain this morning, I figured it was time to go get a shot of the Viggen in something close to its natural winter habitat.

A wash came first, just a quick one. I couldn’t let Drew see a photo of it with his beautifully painted wheels still covered in brake dust. It wasn’t just the photo opportunity, it was also a chance to take it up a winding mountain road and get a fuller appreciation of the steering rack clamp and brace I just got fitted.

And so off I went. My football team was playing today and the game was broadcast on the radio. We weren’t only playing, we were whipping the opposition – and all four members of the rest of the family support the team we were playing, so there was a lot at stake. I was driving, my footy team was winning, does life getting any better?

Apparently it doesn’t, as it all went downhill from there.

My mountain road drive was held up by a bunch of tourists sitting on around 40 km/h, but that didn’t really matter in the end as they closed the pinnacle road due to ice. It was a beautiful day for photos too. The dusting of snow was sitting on the top 100 meters or so and it was clear blue skies all around.

I should mention that by this time my football team had conceded it’s four goal lead and was now trailing by a few goals, so that was going bad as well.

I did manage to snap off this shot on the way back down the mountain. The snow sitting atop the mountain in the background just teasing me. Click to enlarge.

Viggen Mt Wellington

Look closely and you’ll see the work that needs to be done on the front spoiler. It’s been almost a full year since some paint was taken off the front of it. I did it at Baskerville Raceway last year and am returning back to Baskerville next week for another dose. I can’t wait!

The drive home also yielded this Ovlov C30 sighting in West Hobart. Is is a funky-ish looking car in profile, though this isn’t a particularly flattering angle. Volvo C30Given that this will most likely be a major competitor for the coming Saab 9-1 compact car, it’ll be rather imperative that Saab get it right. One thing that’ll be part of that is making the car as practical as what Saabs of old were. This C30 doesn’t look like it does that well in that regard. The lady driving this one had two small dogs in the back – and I mean small – and they looked cramped in there. This one appeals to me on an aesthetic level, but I question the practicality. Hopefully I’ll get to drive one some time soon.

As my football team was getting the last drops of dignity drained from it, one of our local Saab owners dropped by for a chat. John recently purchased a new MY2006 Saab 9-3 V6 Aero as part of the 60th Anniversary promotions here in Australia. It’s black, beautiful and produces many smiles when he talks about it.

Just the way it should be, and a nice way to finish what was otherwise a lesser day.

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  1. Sounds about as productive as my day!

    Interestingly, while reclining in the lounge this afternoon with a coffee, I noticed a shiny new black 9-3 Aero cruise past. At first I didn’t take much notice, but when it went past again I wondered if it was John H’s latest buy. I’ll know it next time I see it, as the number plate was JET-293!


  2. Totaly unrelated. News (or rumors) today that Ford indeed is looking to sell Volvo. Volvo, a company with a full lineup of car, that is making a nice profit, that has a steady growth. For me, GM:s patience with Saab and all the heavy losses over the last 17 years seems more and more remarkable…

  3. The C30 brings back memories of the SAAB festival. unfortunately i had the displeasure and bad luck of having to drive one for the duration of my stay in trollhattan as Hertz had run out of SAABs. i have to say that the rear end of the C30 is absolutely disgusting in my opinion, luggage space is, well, let’s say it has some space in the rear end of it. i was driving the 2.0 ltr trubo diesel which i have to say was quite pleasing in terms of acceleration. interior is quite nice, i especially liked what they did with the centre console, although it has it’s down side. anyways, i miss trollhattan, wanna go back, 2 years more and i’ll be driving my own SAAB there hopefully, which rules out me having to drive a Volvo and having to park it 6 miles away so people wouldn’t see it 🙂

  4. Regarding the C30, ovloV is coming out with a plug-in diesel hybrid concept version in Shanghai later this year. The drivetrain will be less like the traditional hybrid where the ICE directly drives the wheels and more like the E-Flex where the ICE is simply a “range extender” for an EV.

    Luckily GM will beat ovloV to the concept by showing the Opel diesel E-Flex at the Frankfurt Auto Show first.

  5. I think the volvo c30 is a direction that saab needs to go in. Grassroots. If you look closely the c30 is a reincarnation of the P1800 estate. Lovely volvo.

    It’s time saab got back to their roots. Innovation, efficiency, and safety. All wrapped up in history.
    cheers, k

  6. thought I would drop a link on the old 1800es. http://home.earthlink.net/~goodspeeds/reed-r.jpg I think its amazing that volvo has kept some of the old lines even after 30+ years. Saab went out the door back in the late 90’s. I still prefer saab over volvo but if they dont improve upon their 1 and half car portfolio, based on a bunch of lack luster GM units, saab is doomed.

  7. That is a goofy looking car, IMO, and I think the C30, while probably a nice overall car, also looks pretty goofy from the back. Some old lines probably SHOULD be erased. :p

  8. C30 is not a bad enough in my opinion. I droive teh smooth smaller diesel engine adn that is teh one fidning favour.

    Except that in the UK at least C30 is priced so high it is level with the much better Audi A3 – £20K plus for a decent spec and engine. £16 K for a pitiful base 1.6 with nothing on it. In fact a decently speced C30 – lowered suspension- bodykit -diesel or petrol engine, will cost you more than a V70 estate and more than a new model C70- circa £25K- stupid.

    Ovlov Uk have pitched the car way above the Golf or other real competiors- and guess what- the sales figures are poor and I have only seen 3 on the road in 3 months. Ovlov are now flogging off used C30 demo cars with trim upgrades for around £14.6 K.

    But it rides and drives well, seats 4, the cabin is great, but the boot/trunk tiny and there is a criminal, floppy roller blind as a load cover- they want £200 for a real load area blind option!

    Put 4 people in it and there is no room for their luggage- ah but your Ovlov dealer will sell you a roof box!

    But, get one with lowered ride, the factory bodykit, and it is what a Saab should be- different, distinct, and fun.

    So the small Saab better be as good and better.

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