A little bit of Black Turbo

Djup Strupe has been manipulating the postal systems of the world once again, and managed to drop this in my inbox after routing it through seven different anonymous servers from Darebin to Djibouti. The Black Turbo has indeed been on show. And Djup Strupe has been applying his/her photoshop talents to existing Saab imagery to bring us a few recollections of what he/she saw.

First, some interior:

Black Turbo Interior

Those arrows you can see point to the areas of the interior where there’ll be some carbon fibre applied. There’s quite possibly some on the batwing steering wheel as well, though it’s not applied on this cgi. Another interesting and welcome little development for the interior, for a traditionalist like me, is a reversion back the original boost gauge color scheme – white, orange and red.

The car will be painted in a unique metallic black with new front and rear spoilers. And save your money so you can get your order in early as it’s going to be produced, like the Viggen was, in limited numbers.

A final rendering of Djup’s, this one a rough image of the 19″ wheels that will be on the car. 5-spoke black finish.

Black Turbo alloys

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  1. Can’t wait! Looks very promising indeed.

    I wonder if some of that carbon fibre is also going to be applied to the exterier, e.g. the mirroros. It would be a pretty cool effect.

  2. I was hoping for a flat black, but unique metallic black will surely look nice.

    ok, carbon fiber interior why not slap on a carbonleather dash as well. new seats, the quilted gel-thinge from the Rinspeed concept would do nicely.

    is it too much to hope for a twin turbo? maybe 340-360 hp.

  3. i think the black turbo should only come with nav, as its the top of the line saab. kinda like how cadillac puts nav in all of their v series cars.

  4. This might sound crazy but I want the 9-5 Ventilated Seats as as well in this car. If it’s going to be the very best might as well have it all!

  5. Holy hell, those wheels are awesome. They remind of the wheels Porsche used to use on the 911 (I think the new ones look terribly cheesy). I’d almost buy the car just for the wheels (if I had any money, that is).

  6. I love reading every new bit of news on the Black Turbo. Awesome stuff. If only I could afford one when they come out…oh well.

    As for navigation and every conceivable luxury item? Why? this is a performance sedan. F all the extra items that are just going to add weight and complexity to the vehicle.

    I am probably in the minority in that regard, but the lighter, the better. If you want a luxury sedan, buy the next generation 9-5, if you want a sport sedan, it should be the 9-3 Black Turbo.

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