Another bunch of pics from Sweden

I’m still discovering stuff on my hard drive that’s worth a peek. Here’s a few more modded Saab, whether it be for better or for worse…..


When I was akid, scissor doors were the coolest thing EVER. Don’t tell me you never drooled over a Countach for reasons other than just the lady draped across it in the poster.

I still like scissor doos, and whilst I’d never do it to my own Viggen, these look to have been remarkably well executed:

Saab 9-3 Scissor doors

Saab 9-3 Scissor doors


Someone asked yesterday, in the post about the V6 Saab 92, if I had any more pics of the Saab 900 that was in the background. I do, but unfortunately this is it. Not much more detail. I was just amazed at the hugeness of this griffin decal.

Saab 900 Griffin decal


I was told that this car ended winning best in show. Can anyone confirm that? I’m also told that the owner is a drinking buddy of at least one of the judges. Can anyone confirm that?

For the record, I’m not a fan of airbrushing, but I’m not trying to cast any aspersions here. Those really are things I was told whilst in Sweden and I’d just like to clear up whether it’s accurate or not.

Saab 9-5 yellow


And finally, three shots of a Viggen I spent a fair bit of time looking over.

This was certainly an interesting bit of customisation:

Viggen fin

It’s a very neat car, all things considered. One of my favourites of the day.

Saab 9-3 Viggen

And some engine bay detail. I’m getting right into this at the moment.

Saab 9-3 Viggen engine bay

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  1. Looks to me the red one with the scissor doors can’t open the hood with the doors open. I wonder if they thought of that in advance or if it was kind-of a “whoops!”?

    I have heard the reason the Lamborghini Countach had those scissor doors was because it was an afterthought itself. They made the car so low and wide that when parking in a parking lot they couldn’t open the doors without running-into the car parked next to them. So they came up with that solution.

    The yellow one: I wonder why one would do that to a SAAB grille? I mean the “four hole” SAAB grille is one of the marque’s identifiers. If you open it up like a big hole it could be any marque. How can you even tell it’s a SAAB anymore (okay, I do see the hood emblem…)?

    Maybe the blue D.I. Cassette is the secret Sweden-only long-life one? I’ve heard of the red and I have the black, but never seen the blue! 😉

    I wonder if that guy cringes every time he slowwwwwwly drives over a bump that he’ll shear-off his carbon fiber aerodynamic accents?

  2. heres the link the huge griffin stickers if anyone was interested in them

    im gonna try to make a link like you showed swade, here goes

    (a href=””)SAAB Griffin Decals(/a)

  3. … well, I tried to help, but that sure didn’t work. Looks right, but the link got a bunch of stuff inserted ahead of the link???
    And, why don’t I get smiley faces like everyone else, what am I doing wrong?

  4. That’s weird. A long and rambling post I made (who, me?) just disappeared. It was explaining to Ted Y how to make smileys (now apparently a moot point) and some other stuff. Maybe I had too many smiley examples and it got sent to Swade for review before being published. It had no links in it so that can’t be it…

  5. Hello!

    The blue 900 with the griffin on the side is a member of Saab Turbo Club of Norway. I’ll try to get hold of him for you, if you’re interested Swade(?) I think there is a lot to tell about that car!


  6. The Elkparts ones aren’t quite as big as the one on the 900. I normally hate decals like that with a passion but that giant griffin just looks so awesome.

    Gripen: I totally agree with you about the grille on the yellow Combi. It looks like a Toyota now, especially with the cheesy body kit.

  7. Those OZ wheels on the C900 are sweet. Don’t know if i’d have them in white but they are great all the same. In Australia you could pdpbably buy a reasonable C900 for the price of those…….which only confirms that logic has no role to play in car customisation. When I get my C900 coupe, it’ll get similar wheels I’m sure.

    Like that royal blue paint too.

  8. I like the Lambo doors on that car, looked like it was done classy. Talk about a joke: I saw 2 different BUICK CENTURY cars in the past week that each had Lambo door’s, of course they also had 24″ rims, but the doors made them REDICULOUS!

    As for the yellow 9-5, looks like a sup’d up Taxi, like the others you see in the traffic pics from T-hattan you took. It must have had a 400HP boost with a gold plated interior to be that impressive. Doubt it.

    I love that giant Griffen as well, would look so gorgeous on my Fusion Blue Combi…

  9. Nevitz: Why are the Saab’s scissor doors “classy” when the Buick Century (which, by the way, actually IS a classy car, regardless of rim size) looked “ridiculous”? Scissor doors are cheesy no matter what car they’re on, IMO, but at least Buicks look good when they’re blinged out, Saabs just look pathetic since they’re supposed to be about understatement (I like the giant griffen sticker and it isn’t exactly understated, I know, but it transcends understatement, it’s just that awesome). Besides, like Ben said, it’s a 5 door, why would you do that to a 5 door? Are the rear doors suicide doors? Maybe the hatch opens up from the bottom :p Don’t crap on Buick, there are tons of Buicks I’d take in an instant over most Saabs.

  10. Scissor doors could really be usefull when parking in a tight spot.

    As for griffin decals the same logo is used for Scania so they have them in truck sizes, i.e. huge.

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