Another Swedish 9-3 Video

One of my routine tasks for the site is checking through YouTube’s latest releases and in doing so this evening I came across this video.

It seems that someone else attended a launch event for the 9-3 in Sweden and filmed the adventures.

Watching this really gave me some regrets. I booked my departure from Stockholm (east) on Tuesday 12th. The press event was Monday 11th, a little outside Gothenburg (west). Hence, I had to cut short my participation to make the 5-hour drive back to Stockholm. As you’ll see, there were plenty of opportunities to drive around in some classic Saabs straight out of the museum.

Ah, if only.


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  1. That red SC in the middle, is it just me, or does it have a set of rims of a new design? Can’t remember that I have seen those before…?

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