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I’ve given BSR’s tuning products a fair build up on this site, but having read this in comments I think it’s only fair to publish the not-so-good story as well.

This is not a product issue, per se, but a service issue.

A little bit of background. Richo has a Viggen and he recently received his BSR ppc tuning unit. It was a surprise when I heard from him that the unit isn’t a straight plug and play as the publicity leads you to believe. This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, just unexpected.

Richo had to plug the unit into his car and get the factory info, then plug it into his computer, which pings BSR and receives the tuning info, supposedly around five days later.

I’ll let Richo tell you the rest, as of today:

Ok, so here’s the update on the BSR tuning process I’m going through.

I sent the software “read” of my car off to BSR using their application I downloaded from their site. They are then able to send back custom tuned software for my car. Sounds great yes?

Well…… the little application has insufficient alerts so I’m not sure they received my “read” correctly. So I emailed them, expecting a response over night. 2 days and a further email later….nothing. So I thought I’d call and ask what was going on. Logged on to their website and what do you know. Latest News Items – BSR is closed from the 9th July till 24th July for holidays…. you would think they may have alerted their customers via email no??

So, I’m STILL waiting. this is not what I had expected. I hope it’s all worth it, I really do.

From everything I’ve heard, it is a great product. This level of customer service? Not so great.

Updates will continue…..

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  1. As a very happy PPC owner, I can’t say I had this experience. Mine just plugged in and loaded. There was a warning in the documentation that for some Saabs it would be necessary to do a “read” and send a copy to BSR for them to fine tune the software.

    Might have something to do with the specific firmware version of your ECU? Dunno.

    Whats annoying me about BSR at the moment is that they are very strict about only supplying the specific software for your specific car. I read once on SaabCentral that if you did a TD04 upgrade to your LPT (as I have), they could supposedly supply you with the “Aero” tune to get the best out of your new turbo. After a couple of emails back and forth, I was told very abruptly that they would not offer me any such thing. I wasn’t surprised, but perplexed after a number of users had claimed to have done this.
    [End rant]

  2. It’s strange.
    In my first 9-3 (which was an LPT version) I used a Nordic Stage2+ upgrade.
    When I changed the car to a HOT version, the local Nordic dealer just replaced its ECU with the one we took off from the previous car and uploaded the refreshed parameters for the TD04 via TECH II.
    Of course, it was free of charge.
    He even offers a trial period to use the upgrade in your car before you buy it.

  3. Mine had exactly the same motions as Richo’s and after 2 goes it’s been wonderful, no complaints at all as it took 48 hours to fix. This is not uncommon and often in older models as the current version needs to be send back for the update to match the on board ECU. But I feel for Richo as if this would have happened to me I would have been fuming having to wait for 3 weeks. When it comes to our Saab toys we are all like kids in the candy shop and want our lollies now !!! I must state that I’ve known of only one episode with Steve Emmanuel where he battled for more than 2 goes on a 9-5 Aero 01. He was in the midst of resolving it when this whole episode happened but tempers were flaring when all this occurred. As for the lack of attention to service, this is simply unacceptable for us. I’ll work my way to be in contact and meet with Richo to chew some fat and I hope by then you’ll be a happy BSR user like me. Hang in there as you’ll be rewarded !!!

  4. I had a lot more hassle with BSR a couple years ago. Their PPC unit just kept freezing in the middle of the retune, which was rather scary, since their manual said that if the tune is interrupted, it might kill the ECU. Now imagine the PPC is connected to your car, frozen at 48% for two hours. What do you do?

    They sent me another PPC, which did the exact same thing. And then their staff went on vacation (they have those wonderful long vacations in Sweden, you know), so it took me a couple of more months to resolve the issue. In the end, I got a third unit. That one contained a new version of the software, which finally was able to complete the job on my car.

    Hope their customer service improved in the recent years.

  5. I lived in Sweden for 16 years.

    Everything in Sweden save for retail outlets shuts down for most of the month of July.

    The Swedes take their summer vacations very seriously.

  6. I think the problem isnt in the company but in the difference between swedish culture and the rest of the world. Everyone in sweden knows everything shuts down during that time and its nothing to get upset over… I guess they arent in a hurry to get anything done either.

    The guys at BSR have nothing but the BEST intentions. The work they put into these tunes is amazing and I hope that the saab community can see what an awesome product this really is. 🙂

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