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Given that this site is now running on a new platform (WordPress) there’s some new functionality in comments. hopefully you’ve already seen, and maybe even used the comments subscription function to keep up with conversations that you’re involved in. But what I want to write to you about now is the use of links in comments.

With this new platform you now have the ability to insert live links into comments. I’ll show you how to do that in a neat and tidy way in a moment.

First, you should know that any comment with more than one link present in it will go into the moderation queue. This is a spam-prevention strategy. If the clocks in the sidebar show that it’s daytime here then I’ll most likely get around to approving the comment in quick time. Please note that the two-link limit includes any URL that you might insert to go with your name.

Some people have already posted links in comments just by cutting and pasting the URL into the comment. This looks pretty ugly and if it’s a long link then there’s a chance it’ll go behind the sidebar.

So here’s how you can post links in comments just like I do it on the main page of the site. Let’s say I want to post a link behind the words ‘I don’t like these cars’. The link is

Here’s what you need to write to get that working:

(a href=””)I don’t like these cars(/a)

Where I’ve got parentheses there, you need to exchange those for < and >.

What you’d end up with is:

I don’t like these cars

It’s quite easy when you get the hang of it and it looks a lot better to have the link in your text rather than as a big, ugly URL.

Happy commenting!

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  1. Really good idea to have the text in the middle, looks nice and the text gets the focus. The new font looks great!

  2. Jeff, “Pep Talk” is my favorite Descendants song, followed by “I Like Food” and “Wienerschnitzel”. 🙂

    And yes, Swade posted that the reason for the one-link limit is for spam prevention. Note that he doesn’t have the requirement anymore for a keyword (“viggen”) before you post. That’s actually too bad because it was funny to see what boneheads would post who didn’t type the keyword… Now every bonehead will have his day. Just like me! 😉

  3. Swade, regarding the one-link limit, have you looked into the possibility to have regististration, as to allow most of us frequent flyers (he-he!) some limited priviledges, such as posting links etc.? I know the WordPress suite has such functionality.

  4. Great looking site, great cars, great people, but seriously guys, I write better music than that when I’m taking a s**t :mrgreen: . (a href=”″)This is what I call music… (/a)

  5. The link does not seem to work! Can someone please tell me what I did wrong besides having an old-fashioned taste of music

  6. Pep Talk is good too. ALL probably isn’t my favorite album, but it has some good songs. My other favorite song is Pervert, but I didn’t want to post that (Besides, I couldn’t find a video for it :p).

    Also, I never liked Crazy. One Cigarette is a great song, though.

    Anyway, I think the frequent flyers idea is a great one.

  7. Nice work people. RO, check the example in the post once again. The symbols haven’t shown up in people’s suggestions to you in comments, but I’ve got them in the post.

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