Eklund on the podium at Kalix

Mike Jager has a quick story and all-important photo of Per Eklund standing second on the podium at the Kalix leg of the Swedish Championship.

Rumors about Per mumbling that that Australian blogger dude could take his retirement opinions and shove ’em where the sun don’t shine are yet to be confirmed.

I still reckon it’s the best option, but congratulations anyway, Per.


  1. What’s a “SAAB 9-3 ASS”? Doesn’t sound good. 😮

    I wonder how all the rest of the guys felt coming in after the 61-year-old Eklund. They got lapped by “gramps”! 😉

  2. …and for the last time, what the heck does a “black flag” signify in racing? I apologize in advance for my ignorance…

  3. Hey Gripen, probably a mistype should be badASS MF. 🙂

    Black flag=Rock group or disqualification due to reckless driving.

  4. RO: the punk group Black Flag (for whom Henry Rollins of The Rollins Band was the singer for a time) was named after the symbol for anarchy.

    Now that I know a black flag means you’re disqualified, how does one earn one?

    As for the ASS thing, I just figured out (probably long after many of you) it probably stands for “Aero Sport Sedan”.

  5. ‘ASS’ means indeed Aero Sport Sedan.
    And a black flag you get for driving not along the rules of the FIA Ralycross and means you’re disqualified.
    The black flag is given by a jury of FIA officials…

  6. 1985 Gripen: Thanks, I had no idea about the anarchy think but one thing I do know is that is that Henry Rollins loves Patsy Cline too. He had a show on Swedish radio some years ago and he played a couple of her songs.

    I still think ASS is a typo though and my interpretation is correct, I’ve seen Per Eklund on Swedish television and he’s mean. 🙂

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