emBracing my Viggen

Today’s another red-letter day for my 9-3 Viggen.

Whilst I was over on the “the continent” I took the opportunity to get a steering rack clamp and bulkhead brace from Abbott Racing. This is the central part of the package known as the Viggen Rescue Kit. I couldn’t really afford the whole kit, but this alone should make a fair bit of difference.

My mate Richo, who also has a Viggen, got it fitted a few weeks ago and I’ve already reported on his state of satisfaction with the unit.

Abbott Racing Steering Rack ClampThis is a picture of the bits you get. It looks kind of biggish in this picture, but that gold clamp is only about 4 inches along the base. It’s quite solid, though, and definitely looks the goods.

I should be picking the car up in a couple of hours so I’ll let you all know how it feels.

This is quite good timing, actually, as we have a track day down here in just over a week’s time. I’d hoped to get some more bits fitted prior to then as well, but am unsure as to whether they’ll arrive in time as they’re just leaving the UK now.

The other new bits are a Taliaferro performance intake and a Forge Motorsport BOV. They won’t make a huge difference on their own, but will enable some better breathing for when the BSR unit comes along down the track.

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  1. Your viggen is gonna be so loud with the intake and bov! LOL!

    Have fun :). Also, steering rack clamp should help you a bit…

  2. While the “Viggen Rescue Kit” and other modifications and kits will improve the handling, it’s also worth noting that some of these modifications can actually have a negative affect on the safety features of the car. And thus make it a more dangerous ride in case of a collision.

  3. Let me notice, that the linked Forge valve is NOT a BOV. BOV means Blow-Off Valve, which is not suitable for Trionic7 engines. That product is a bypass valve, which is a bit more stong than the factory version, so it could keep the charge pressure longer.
    So, I hardly believe that it will produce louder sound…

  4. This is a great mod for the Viggen or any of the OG 9-3 SAABs. Ask the installer to keep the rubber GM doughnut that was holding your steering rack previously and you’ll understand why this part makes such a huge difference in the steering feel. I took one turn around the block in my Viggen (this was about 5 years ago before I sold it) and was thrilled.

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