Epsilon II on track (on truck, too)

According to AutoWeek.nl, this is the next generation Opel Vectra. Click to enlarge.

Opel Vectra

I always wonder how these spy photographers know exactly what they’re looking at, but I guess when you’re tracking these things you get to know people and figure out how to track what new vehicle is heading where.

I don’t know how much the shape or proportions can tell us about any future Saabs, but this is worth noting if only to mark the fact that development of the Epsilon II platform is well and truly underway. The nex generation Saab 9-3 will share this platform and most likely in a similar size to the Vectra. The next Saab 9-5 will also be on Epsilon II, but an extended version of the architecture.

A rear shot and the story (in Dutch) are available here.

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