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Via Autoblog Green (thanks Gripen), here’s some footage of a new standing mile speed record – set by a car running on E85 ethanol.

It’s a Dodge Viper, not a Saab, but it seems to be getting a fair bit of coverage, which is another little cog in the wheel of promoting E85 in the US.

It caters to my tastes too. Saab’s marketing of ethanol centres around it’s environmental credentials but my interest in using it is that old Clarkson adage: Poooowwwweeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!

Here’s the clip. Autoblog Green have more of the facts.


Whilst we’re talking E85 and Black Turbo (what, weren’t talking Black Turbo – oh well), I got a note in my inbox the other day alerting me to the fact that BSR now have a tuning kit for your V6 9-3 Aero that’ll not only make it E85 compatible, but also boost the living daylights out the performance.

The kit comprises a PPC tune, uprated turbo, new injectors and sports exhaust. Note, the new injectors, considered necessary to cope with the nature of the fuel. I’m pretty sure Saab also put E85-proof fuel lines, tank and now even a different fuel pump into their BioPower cars. Still, there’s other tuners out there who don’t even mention injectors, so….

Power is up from the regulation 250hp to a whopping Black Turbo-esque 320hp and torque waaaaaay up to 520 Nm.

It’s an expensive upgrade, but Man, that’s a lot of grunt.

V6 BSR BioPOwer chart

Thanks note-leaving person who’s name is on the email on my Mac at home but not here with me now. You know who your are!

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  1. Actually, the record broken was “standing mile in a street legal car”. The max speed was 220 mph.

    It just so happens this car ran on E85 (the record doesn’t specify the fuel used). The previous record was held by a gasoline-only car with a speed of 217 mph.

  2. I’d be very leery of that BSR E85 upgrade kit. As you point-out the fuel lines and fuel pump are not upgraded. Even the BioPower (official factory) SAABs have already had a recall to replace their factory-installed (ethanol-capable) fuel pumps.

    How long is the warranty on this upgrade good for? If it’s like three years or something than maybe you’re safe, but if it’s less I’d worry that the ethanol is slowly eating away at my car and I’ll start having problems as soon as the warranty period has expired. I’m sure this also voids any warranty SAAB would have on the car as well.

    I don’t know if SAAB’s fuel level sensors are capacitance type, but if so then ethanol in the tank will cause erroneous fuel level readings unless that sensor is also upgraded.

    While 320 bhp is very alluring (but then again, with FWD…), I don’t see it’s worth the risk.

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