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I need help. All this non-Viggen time has my fickle mind wandering.

To here, for example.

And here. I used to own one of those, though nowhere near as good.

If they write the car off, I don’t know what I’m going to do! Most likely it’ll be something like this for a while. But maybe there might be room in the garage (and the budget) for a Sprint as well.


Saab 9-1 potential competition – Part 1

We all know about the motoring press’ love affair with BMW. And of course, they’ve all been trying to hump Audi for some time now. Please forgive me if I’m wrong (and for the sinking standard of this post), but it seems the good folks at Ingolstadt are now making it easier by releasing a sketch of their first blow-up doll.


Saab 9-1 potential competition – Part 2

The Mini Clubman was a silly looking thing thirty years ago and it looks just as disproportional today. So why are the press going gaga over it? Owned by BMW?

For the record, I love the regular Mini.


Saab Golf I’ve often heard golf referred to a good walk spoiled.

I used to play a bit myself, and can still claim to be the only person I know of to have hit themself with their own golf ball. It was a full-blooded six iron that bounced off a shrub right back into my shin, and it hurt like…..things that hurt a lot.

Saab Australia are getting into golf here in Australia, placing cars for use around the pro-shops of selected clubs:

Don’t be surprised if, next time you’re at your golf club, you see the latest model Saab parked in the club professional’s or official’s car space. It probably means they’ve joined Saab Pro, the new alliance between Saab, PGA Australia and Bon Golf. If that’s the case, feel free to ask them for the keys to take it for a test drive.

Saab Pro is an exciting new program offering exceptional benefits to all golfers, as well as golf pros and golf courses. For a start, it provides you with a convenient time and place to take a Saab test drive – from your golf course or driving range. Saab has always been associated with high performance, and now we’re pleased to extend that to golf. After all, Saab vehicles deliver what every golfer wants – consistent power and precision.


Next month, which is only a few days away now, is the month of Classic Saab 900 loving.

If you’ve got good quality pics of your Saab 900 and a story to tell, then this is your chance. I was expecting a deluge of submissions for Saab 900 month – it’s the 900 after all. So far there’s been zilch, nada, nix, nothin.

So all you C900 owners, or even former C900 owners – get your images and stories together and shoot me an email.

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  1. if the Viggen can’t be revived (and let’s not hope that happens), a 2003 9-5 Aero, another Viggen or perhaps a 9-3 SportCombi? A C900 wouldn’t be too bad I guess… All great cars IMO. Have you visited 9000-Aero-land?

  2. As a former AR Milano (75) owner, I definitely feel your (unnatural?) attraction to an Alfa Romeo. Parish the thought, but if the Viggen does not make it, that C900 turbo and the Sprint would be VERY tempting. But I would shoot for a C900 convertible and the Sprint. That C900 and a Spider perhaps??? Everyone needs at least one convertible…
    But I do wish the Viggen well.

  3. Save the Viggen at all costs. The last thing we need is one less Viggen on the road.
    I cringe to think of how many SPGs still exist out of the few thousands that were built. Ditto for the 99…all versions!

    Alfa? You’de have to start an Alfa blog!

  4. Man, don’t get an Alfa, you have to have a Saab…you write a Saab blog, for chrissake. And your wife’s 9000 doesn’t count, that’s hers. That 900 looks pretty badass.

  5. The wife’s 9000 would totally count. I drive it most of the time. It’s her designated car as it’s the only auto in the household and she doesn’t drive manual. I’d say I’ve logged more km in the 9000 than in the Viggen in the last two years.

    An Alfa will most likely be purchased in the next 3-4 months, it’s just whether I get the Viggen back as well or purchase another Saab in it’s very sad absence.

    Life’s too short not to drive Italian at some stage.

  6. Oh, and I used to have an Alfa blog as well. I just couldn’t dedicate enough time to both to do them justice and Saab is definitely my first love.

  7. I remember reading about the Alfa blog when I read through all the archives. I have nothing against Alfas…hell, I’ve only ever seen two in my whole life (and one was a very ugly Sprint).

    I didn’t know you drove the 9000 so much, I thought it was all hers (I had no reason to think that, but I did anyway). I guess it counts :p

    But you should still buy that 900.

  8. Swade, you really must not get an Alfa. Just my humble opinion.

    Well, the only acceptable exception would be an Alfa Romeo 164. But then again, you already have one… technically.

    Time to get a Combi!

  9. Nevitz, a Combi’s out of the question as the budget doesn’t extend anywhere near that far. I’d be restricted to what I’d get back from the insurer and the only thing that would represent a step up (or sideways) would be another Viggen or an older 9-5 Aero.

    OR I could go and older Saab and perhaps an Alfa to play with.

    OR we could update the 9000 to a 9000 Aero (or a 9-5) with an Alfa on the side.

    Saab are definitely #1 with me. Always. But Alfa’s a very close #2.

    This is all academic, anyway, until the insurance situation is resolved and I know what’s happening. I think the most likely outcome will be a repair of the Viggen, so I’ll probably look to pick up an Alfa for fun some time in the future.

  10. I’d go with the first OR, personally, out of those choices…though I’d ditch the Alfa and just get a really nice old Saab.

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