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Yes, it’s Friday here in Oz, as it will be shortly wherever you’re reading this. I’ll be attending to home repairs, car washing and poo-patrol over the weekend, so I hope yours is better than mine!

Of course, I’ll also be writing here, so be sure to check back in from time to time.


First, I’ll refer you to my post earlier in the week about bringing back Saab motorsport with a proper, co-ordinated and factory-backed effort.

Next, I’ll refer you Per Eklund’s latest results from last weekend.

It’s going to be a fairly unpopular thing for me to call for a proper Saab racing team at Per’s expense, but there comes a time when all of us must face facts. Someone’s gotta say it, and I think the man would be much more valuable as a team manager or advisor than as the largest recipient of motorsport funding from Saab.


Advertising sure has changed.

I’m not sure where (or from who) I sourced this. I just found it on my hard drive. It’s probably been sitting there for ages.

Click to enlarge.

Old Saab Winter Ad


I’ve mentioned Audi TV and Ferrari TV previously on this site. They’re online TV services that serve up stories about the cars and the sort of cultural events that these brands like to associate themselves with. Think of the Saab Magazine you receive (you don’t?) but on the small screen.

Mercedes Benz have now joined the brand-TV crowd as well, serving up Mercedes Benz TV. It’s serving up five channels, though I think today’s the first day and it’s not quite all being served up properly at the moment (or as of five minutes ago when I last checked it).

Could Saab dig up enough material to do something like this? I think they could, and realistically it shouldn’t cost that much, either. Video production has become very accessible nowadays and whilst you’d still want a good quality product, the demands for web are much less than for TV.

Here’s hoping….

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  1. Hi Swade, Quiet weekend here too, Phill and I have to go to a family stag weekend where we might be forced into some off-road quad riding, I’ll take a Saab sticker for mine…..

  2. I hate to say it, but I think you are right about a proper Saab racing team. I keep rooting for Per because he’s near my age. But, while he’s still a great driver, I think the fine edge has worn a little. I like to think I’m a still good driver (which I really think I am), but I have to admit that if I was competing against a 20 year younger reincarnation of myself, I would probably lose most of the time. I would hope Per doesn’t spoil a great career and reputation by staying too long. I would love to see him coaching younger drivers, giving them the benefit of his years of accumulated racing knowledge, and helping Saab in the process.

  3. Swade, after re-freshing the site a few times I’m not too keen on the main news text being on the right, much prefered it on the left or if anything split and in the middle like on the old site. (thats my opinion) Love the Aero X at the top. .

  4. It’s a little experiment. I can get a 3-column version of this design and I think I might. Whilst I love the functionality of the new platform I preferred the 3-column layout on the old one.

    Will check it out shortly.

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