GM go iPod

This isn’t available for Saab yet, but I’m sure it will be. The possibly good news if your name is Carl is that it looks like it’s a current-year-and-future-model-only thing as it interfaces with the corporate GM radio.

There’s no mention of when Saab might get this for new models.

Here’s the press release:


DETROIT – General Motors today announced its all-new “Personal Audio Link” iPod® adapter for Chevrolet HHR, Chevrolet Cobalt, Pontiac G5, Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky is now available from all Chevrolet, Pontiac and Saturn dealerships.

Because great cars and great tunes should travel together, the Personal Audio Link accessory was developed exclusively for iPod and specifically for use with the factory-installed audio system in GM vehicles. Affordably priced at only $159 MSRP, plus dealer installation, the system has undergone extensive validation testing to assure that it delivers the seamless performance iPod users expect from their devices.

The Personal Audio Link iPod adapter, not visible to the customer once installed, uses software, and is integrated through the radio’s digital XM Satellite Radio band. This provides improved sound over FM modulated systems, and better control and display over FM modulated and CD changer interface units.

The system displays song title, artist, time and track position on the radio display, and allows song selection by genre, play list, artist and album. A unique feature of the system also allows users to easily search alphabetically through artist, album, genre, play list, podcast or audio book. And, shuffling music is a snap with Personal Audio Link.

Podcasts and audio books are no problem. Personal Audio Link enables the user to store, sort and select their favorite Podcast or audio book by title. In vehicles equipped with steering wheel audio controls, those controls will also control volume.

Once the device is installed, the customer plugs the iPod into an interface cable in the glove box, where the player can be safely secured and stowed. The device also charges the iPod while the vehicle is operating.

GM expects to make the device available on many of its models by the end of 2007 – meaning GM will offer one of the widest ranges of vehicle applications for iPod integration in the industry.

Because the accessory was developed and validated by GM engineers, owners of these cars can be assured that the Personal Audio Link iPod® adapter from GM won’t compromise their GM vehicle’s performance. The Personal Audio Link is also fully backed by GM’s New-Vehicle Limited Warranty, when installed by a GM dealership at the time of new vehicle delivery. If installed after delivery, coverage is for the balance of the New-Vehicle Limited Warranty, or a minimum of 12 months/12,000 miles, whichever comes first.


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  1. That’s great news for playing music.

    Now what about making handsfree calls with an iPhone in the US like you can with other vehices? 😛

  2. I’m very excited about adding this to my ’06 9-5. I remember seeing some talk about this on Gizmodo a while back and I’ve been looking forward to the release since then. While the aux-in is nice, it will be especially nice to be able to control the iPod through the steering wheel controls.

  3. Because I’d love to have my iPod completely integrated to my sound system, I asked GM Switzerland about it. And the comment was, there is nothing like this in MY08. They better hurry up for MY09 than the Bimmers and Audis got it already!

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