Hirsch Carbon Leather

Hirsch logo File this under “Things the US market can’t get that their customers probably wish they could”.

I first wrote about the Hirsch carbon leather dash kit a little while ago. I’ve just now arrived home and found an email from Hirsch in my inbox with this detail picture of the dash.

One of the criticisms of the 9-3 is the standard of materials inside the vehicle. The seats are fine and almost everything else is fine but that dash can have a sea-of-plastic feel to it. If I had a 2007 model 9-3 then I’d be doing backflips to get the money for this. Beeewdiful!

Click to enlarge.

Hirsch Carbon Leather dash

And here’s the blurb from Hirsch:

The new Hirsch Performance leather instrument panel for the Saab 9-3 MY07- brings a completely new feeling to the car’s interior. Just as its predecessor, the new instrument panel is leather-covered with black leather of the highest quality. New for this year is the combination of black full grain leather with a new leather quality called carbon leather.

Carbon leather is a natural leather, embossed with a carbon-fibrestructure, that allows a truly unique leather instrument panel design. It can be treated and maintained just like normal leather. For a very special touch for the Saab 9-3’s cockpit, the new carbon leather instrument panel is an excellent choice.

Glare is minimised through the use of black leather, making this leather instrument panel ideal for both night driving and sunny environments.

The leather instrument panel can be ordered separately, or as part of an interior package together with the Hirsch Performance Aluminium Pedals.

There’s no price quoted on the Hirsch website for this product, or for the combined interior trim kit that includes the aluminium pedals. But the pedals alone cost 230GBP so I assume this isn’t a cheap upgrade.

But it does look sooooooo good.

Hirsch CL dash

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  1. Hirsch upgrades are always top quality – and unfortunately, very expensive! 🙁
    I just don’t understand why they haven’t changed those disgusting aluminium like plastic parts on the steering wheel. The 1998-2002 9-3 and the 1997-2005 9-5 has a very nice carbon/leather combination sport steering wheel from Hirsch, the new one should have something like that!

  2. Kaz, are you sure? If I choose Great Britain and 9-3 at their site, I get the carbon leather dash as an available product. So hopefully it is.

  3. I think woodgrain looks better on dashboards than leather does, but leather still looks pretty damn good. This leather in particular is cool because it’s different.

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