JL Racing get a win at Calabogie

Great news in from the team at JL Racing:


With a thrilling last lap, last corner overtaking move, Len Clue took secured a first place finish at Calabogie this past weekend.

JL Racing 1 Friday’s testing began with some major suspension changes to the car. The shocks were stiffened, camber adjusted and the compression and rebound changes helped tighten the car up enormously. Len Clue also had many hours of experience on the track which would stand the team in good stead. It had been raining hard for most of Saturday, yet in spite of the conditions, Len Clue qualified in second place (in class). With some further camber adjustments the team had the car setup quite nicely for the track. The team quickly discovered that the handling of the car was much the same in the dry or the wet – just less grip in the wet. With the bonus of neutral handling, the car planted itself quite firmly in each corner and was rotating with ease.

The rain had stopped around mid-afternoon, although the track was still very wet and a tough call was required. The crew chief opted for the dry tires which proved to be right choice.

JL Racing 2 With a very slippery track Len Clue started well and immediately began gaining on the leader. On lap three however he was tapped from behind by another BMW. The car went sideways, and he recovered well but lost a position. He now had two BMW’s ahead of him. Lap after lap, he gained ground over the BMW’s looking for the hole that would allow him to pass and take first place. On the last lap Len managed a daring move to overtake one of the BMW’s. Then, on the last corner of the last lap, Len dove on the inside, scooting past the BMW and rocketing on to take the chequered flag and JL Racing’s first win in GT B sprints for the season.

Due to the changing conditions, tire choice became the critical element of the weekend races. Jason Sharpe drove an excellent Canadian Touring Car race on Saturday, but the tires gave out too soon and he was unable to gain any new positions – ending a respectable 11th. Calabogie’s tricky “keyhole” sequence was the bane of many drivers this weekend and it managed to catch Len Clue unawares in the Sunday sprint race. Unfortunately, the car went off track and slid into the tire wall. Although the damage was minimal, It could not be repaired at the track and the team finished up the weekend early with a first place finish and some key learnings for Saab Motorsport at Calabogie.

JL Racing 3


  1. Congratulations to JL Racing on the win! That’s a most photogenic Saab. I was wondering though if there’s more information somewhere about the competition and about the classes they race in. I can’t seem to find much. Anyone know a good source?

  2. Funny, I have JL’s car as my wallpaper and was wondering how they were going this morning.

    Congrats on the win.

    Swade, don’t feel so bad about your lose the other day, happens to the best of them.

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