Just a few more pics from Sweden

I’m still digging through stuff from the Sweden trip and rediscovering a bunch of recent memories that I’d forgotten.

This one sort of falls into the same category as the V6 powered Saab 92 from last night. Once again, there’s been a lot of work go into it, and once again, I’m not sure about the end result.

It’s certainly interesting to look at, so as long as the owners are happy, I’m happy.

Here’s the inside first. It’s definitely pimped up a little and if you haven’t scrolled down yet you might see a clue here as to the main modification made to this car……

Gullwing Saab 900

Note the lock-down seat belt buckles!!

just allowing a little scrolling space here so you can think about the possible mods done outside.

OK, here’s the exterior. As mentioned, it’s very curious to see, but I’m unsure as to whether I’d like it for myself.

Each to their own, I guess. Kudos for the work done.

Gullwing Saab 900


The clue in the top photo was that even though the door appeared open on the other side of the car, you couldn’t see any interior door trim at all.

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  1. Not my cuppa tea, but what the heck. If he likes it, that is fine with me.

    BTW, I really liked the way the seatbelts on my old 99 had the lock down levers (I’d never heard them referred to that way. Actually, I’ve never heard them referred to at all.) It seems to me like a better way to design seat belts, rather than having a buckle. Oh, well . . .

  2. After the caning I received last time I’d just like to say that this car is really, really beautiful. Yes, it really truly is. You betcha. Top stuff. Congrats to the owner. Great stuff. etc, etc, etc.


  3. Oh, and that dashboard looks absolutely spiffing. Yes, absolutely spiffing. Spiffingly spiffing. I want one just like it.


  4. C’mon mate that wasn’t a caning. You should go some gull-wings on the 95. Gull-wings could be very big in Hobart. Perhaps some white leather too. I know Swade is keen to bling up the Viggen. Lime green velour I think is what he’s got in mind…..

  5. Swade doesn’t need bling. He already has the brown trousers, flat cap, pipe and tartan rug on the parcel shelf. Some mudflap reflectors, perhaps?


  6. Just to clarify that, I didn’t mean that Swade normally carries around his tartan rug, brown trousers, falt cap and pipe all together on the parcel shelf. Only when he’s trying to impress.


  7. gull wings and white leather would open doors down here in Hobart. as would a top hat, walking stick, gold teeth and a slight limp.

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