May 2007 Sales Review

RE-POSTED – As it’s now July 2 here in Oz, sales data for the various markets for June should be coming in within hours.


With the trip to Sweden getting underway on June 1, I neglected covering the usual batch of Saab sales data except for Saab Oz.

With a new month just around the corner I thought I’d better make my archives complete and review the sales data for May, in fairly concise form.


USA sales

Saab USA sold 2,872 vehicles in May, a shortfall of around 5.2% compared with May 2006 (that percentage doesn’t take into account number of sales days).

There were 2 units of the 9-2x sold (cf 104 in 2006)

There were 2,120 units of the 9-3 sold (cf 1,986 in 2006)

There were 317 units of the 9-5 sold (cf 385 in 2006)

There were 433 units of the 9-7x sold (cf 555 in 2006)

Total 2007 YTD sales – 12,462 (cf 14,396 in 2006)


Sweden sales

Saab Sweden sold 2,488 vehicles in May, which was basically a steady total compared with 2006 when they sold 2,481 units.

There were 1,535 units of the 9-3 sold (cf 1,182 in 2006)

There were 953 units of the 9-5 sold (cf 1,299 in 2006)

OK, this one needs some comment. What we see here is the first time in over 12 months that the 9-3 has outsold the 9-5 in Sweden. Why? The 9-3 has now begun deliveries with BioPower. The demise of the 9-5 will be even more noticeable in the next few months.

Total 2007 YTD sales – 10,213 (cf 10,807 in 2006)


UK sales

Saab Great Britain sold 2,117 units in May, a fall of around 15% compared with May 2006.

Total 2007 YTD sales – 10,412 (cf 11,863 in 2006)


Australian sales

Saab Australia sold 188 units in May, a rise of around 20% on the 156 sold in the same month last year.

Total 2007 YTD sales – 812 (cf 697 in 2006)


Numbers for other markets are welcome in comments.

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  1. It is interesting to see how much the biopower has saved sales for the 9-5 in sweden.

    It seems to me that Saab has its followers in Sweden and the only thing the choose from is what Saab to buy.

    9-3 will probably sell like hell now with its new update

  2. There were 9-2Xs still available? I wonder where they were. Is anyone aware of any other new 9-2Xs available anywhere?

  3. Sad to see the SUV outselling the “flagship” 9-5 in the US. Sad for SAAB and sad for my country’s poor tastes.

  4. Swden June Sales! Look at page 6
    9-3 up 15% in june, 1319 vs 1147 in 2006. YTD: Up 9.8%
    9-5 down 35.4% in june, 923 vs 1428 in 2006. YTD: Down 20.3%
    The BioPower is selling well for the 9-3…9-5 is loosing buyers but still, it’s the only e85 car in this class in sweden.

  5. Belgian sales :
    May 2007 : 301 (2006 : 501)
    YTD 2007 : 1590 (2006 : 2279)

    2006 was the best year for Saab in Belgium.
    Still not bad for such a little country.

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