Monday Morning Snippets

This week is a travel week for me, due to work commitments.

I’ve loaded up a few posts in advance for this week to lighten the load. One or two of them are posts that featured here quite a while ago. As there’s been a lot more people hanging around lately they most likely won’t have seen them.

I’ll still be posting new stuff too, just a little less of it due to the time constraints.


I’ve shown a couple of photos here recently that were taken by a guy named Etienne. He lives in Belgium and runs the excellent SaabHuy weblog from there.

It seems he’s been hanging out somewhere with a lot of 2008 Saab 9-3s recently. Either that or he’s loading up all his shots from the Saab Festival onto Flickr.

It’s a photostream well worth checking out as it has quite a few shots of the Saffron Yellow convertible and the new Pepper Green color for the sedan as well.


Speaking of other Saab sites, Ryan at Saab History has acquired a copy of the 60th Anniversary CD produced by Saab France. It strikes me as a little weird when I hear of other markets doing something special for Saab’s 60th that the Swedes haven’t done themselves. Especially a market like France, which has never shown up on the radar.

He’s going to write it up soon, so hopefully it’s a good one.

Could I suggest sticking some photos with one of the better tracks and YouTubing it?



After a brief Sweden-tour hiatus the months of Saab loving will return in August.

And they will return with a bang. All you now-to-be-regarded-as-old-timers should get out your cameras and be prepared to tell your story.

August 2007 will be the month of Classic 900 loving.

For those of you that may be unfamiliar, the months of Saab loving concentrate on one model in particular. People send in their pics and stories as to why the car is so darn good. The mainstream media don’t get it, so it’s up to us to spread the Saab love.

Get snappin, people!

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  1. Re: Etienne’s pics.
    It looks like most of the pics uploaded on July 15 are taken in Trollhättan in/around Saabfestival 2007. The pics of the Pepper Green Sedan for example are taken at the employee parking lot outside Saab Technical Development Center (Tekniska) on June 12.

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