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A Viggen update:

Local bodywork experts Bocchinos came and had a look at the car today. It seems things are worse than anyone thought. Getting insurance coverage may be more crucial than ever right now, as it appears there’s some creases that are fixable, but are going to take a lot of work. Even if I get coverage, Bocchinos are booked out for the next 2.5 months, so I’m going to be off the road for a little while either way.

How bad is it? They advised Steve (my mechanic) to leave the rear axle attached at this point as it’s acting sort of like a splint and they reckon the back end could well kick (further) out of alignment if it’s removed. Ouch!

Long-time lurkers at this site know that the Viggen had been crashed and repaired before I bought it. In addition to the work that needs to be done from this incident, we’ve also discovered some shortcuts the previous repairer took. They didn’t alter the character or driveability of the car, but stripped of the front bumper, they’re obvious nonetheless.

I think this’ll be an interesting journey to take on the blog and I hope things work out favourably.





One of the things I haven’t mentioned yet about my experience crashing the Viggen on the weekend, is the fact that in the 5 seconds or so it for me to go from one side of the track to being embedded in a tyre wall, I had time to register a lot of thoughts. As I think back on it, it seems like a lifetime.

Two things specifically come to mind. One was the overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be OK. That did and didn’t work out. The other was feeling very tightly tucked into my seat. We took a pretty big impact on that embankment and I haven’t felt a physical conseqence of that at all, yet. I spoke with Phil, the instructor who was in the car with me earlier today and he is the same.

Saab safety’s a beautiful thing.

Paul H in Sydney hooked me up with a forum where a friend of his shows his 9000 Aero, which like a few before it, gave up itself to preserve him. This car rolled six times down an embankment and he was able to walk away.

Needless to say he’s looking for another one.

9000 Aero smash


Kroum has also hooked me up with a link to a site from Bulgaria with some pics of the Haldex XWD system. They look like cutaways that show the internals of the system and you techie engineer types will love it, I’m sure.


Saab Festival 07 gallery The Saab Festival website has a retrospective image gallery – 150 images from the 2007 festival. I’m going for a look now. Thanks to Robin M for the link.

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  1. Swade, the video of your incident was great. Hopefully the insurance will sort you out OK. The best thing is that nobody was hurt. The SAAB can take it, it’s pretty tough. Sorry about the setback, but get her back on the track.

  2. Swade, does your normal insurance cover you for non-normal use such as track days then? It would not here- unless you paid a helluva lot extra?

    Putting a rollcage in normal car in the UK puts the premium up- as they assume you are a racer – even if you are not and just wanted added safety…Not that you did that- just an example of craziness…

    Re the Viggen- bad news mate, but why not just get it chained to a jig and give it a pull- quick easy and not too expensive?

    Back axle locators and bits should not cost the earth. Labour – time- will be the expense.

    The impact cannaot have been hard enough to write it off- other wise the airbags would have gone off- unless the sensors were damaged in the bump it had afore you bought it?

    Cheer up – laser alignment jig work will soon sort it mate…..

  3. As lance implies, I think you’re in Big Trouble from an insurance perspective. That wouldn’t be covered under any policy I’ve seen (in the USA). I think with my Viggen, since they consider it a performance car, it is very clearly excluded.

    Depending how many miles (km) you had on it, it may be totalled with no insurance reimbursement… Saab resale values aren’t sterling. This is all the worst case of course. I sure hope things are better than my initial impression!

  4. I think we should all petition Saab to provide Swade with a 2008 Aero model of his choice and to make him the next official Saab ambassador!

  5. For all the work that this man does for the Saab community and for Saab Automobile he deserver the new 08 Aero with AWD so that the same does not happen again. Frankly, Swade has now suffered for the pleasure of his passion. He did press the accelerator too hard, did not have proper wheels etc etc but he was there to report and share the Saab experience to all of us. We shoudl see how we could all help him.

  6. Mark, joe – the sentiment’s appreciated, but in the now immortal words of former Carlton coach, Denis Pagan, I’m a big boy. I’ll deal with the consequences whatever they may be, but hopefully they’ll turn out well.

    Lance, Adam – I’ve written a new post on the insurance side of the equation which will hopefully clarify the situation a little. We’re still in a little bit of grey territory, but there’s a definite case to be made.

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