More Saab HDR

This picture popped up on my Flickr feed today and I thought it’d be an intereting follow-up to Richo’s HDR Viggen photos.

This one is from a portfolio of HDR Documenta photos. Documenta is an arts festival in Germany that’s being sposored by Saab, hence the presence of the Aero-X there. The full set of HDR pics is from this Flickr user is here, though this is the only one with the Aero-X in it so far.

HDR Aero-X

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  1. Fascinating stuff. Of course, I hope everyone realizes we’re looking at high dynamic range pictures on low dynamic range monitors. So, we don’t see the full effect. Tone mapping is apparently used on these to give us an impression of the high dynamic range effect. I think I’ve got to try this.

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