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I’ve written a couple of posts recently on BSR tuning, the beauty of which is that you don’t have to remove and exchange your ECU to upgrade the software. You just plug the unit into your car, it uploads the re-tune, and you’re done.


One thing that I didn’t pay so much attention to, is the fact that BSR occasionally send upgrades-to-the-upgrade through to customers so they get even more bang for their buck!

I don’t know how often this happens, but it’s happened recently to a regular at this site who lives here in Australia.

He has a 9-3 SportCombi, which I believe started out life as a Linear model with 129 just 110kW of power. After purchasing the BSR upgrade, his output increased to around 152kW (if I’ve got my numbers right).

Now there’s news of an upgrade-to-the-upgrade – possible because the BSR unit can connect to his computer and download the new data. I’m no techie, but I’d imagine this is more difficult with an ECU-out upgrade.

He’s yet to upload the new tune into the car, but his little BSR box now has the info for a 160kW tune in there.

For comparison purposes, my Viggen came standard with 165kW (and just 35 of them came to Australia each year, a figure I didn’t know until now).

I’ll post an update when the upgrade Mk2 is installed.

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