MY08 Saab 9-3 (p)reviewed

Automobile have published their preview article on the new 9-3.

It’s a good read, but I have to take issue with one little part of it right from the get-go. Here’s the offending part:

The new 9-3 is still a compact executive car geared to compete against BMW’s 3-Series and the like, and continues to be based on the Opel Vectra and Cadillac BLS architecture

See, the whole architecture and vehicle platform thing is a great idea from a manufacturer’s point of view. But geez, does it ever create some misunderstanding when it’s not written up properly in the press.

BLS architecture???


With that out of the way, please feel free to click through for a good little precis about the car. I’m left with a constant smile after reading any new writeup about the 2008 Saab 9-3. It’s a cracker of a car and the press are being positive about it right across the board.

All in all, the new Saab 9-3 range should satisfy die hard Saab enthusiasts and new buyers alike. It still retains all the technical innovations fans of the brand have grown to appreciate, and once again they’re inside a well recognized shell.

Though there’s also this….

It’s good see that Saab retains at least 60-percent of components exclusive to the brand, and that the 9-3 still gets assembled in Trollhättan, Sweden. A fact that Swedish loyalists must be proud of.

Um, yeah. Just don’t mention Russelsheim, OK?

Regardless of the two oversights mentioned so far, it’s a good read and will give those that are curious another good insight as to what is one heck of a great new car.

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  1. I don’t understand why supposed “experts” (I would assume if you’re being published by a major automotive magazine you’d have to be considered an “expert”) don’t get the concept of the “platform” and “architecture”. It’s not like GM is the only auto company in the world sharing platforms.

    It seems to me very unprofessional to make a mistake like this, yet it’s a very common mistake, like when they keep saying in Europe that the 9³ is “based on” the Vectra (I know you take more issue with the assertion that it’s based on the Cadillac BLS, Swade).

    This particular example is funny because when comparing the 9³ to the Vectra, at least they’re cousins, with both being built on Epsilon. But if anything the Cadillac BLS is based on the 9³. Heck, it’s not even “based”, it’s badge engineered! :-O

  2. I just looked at that Automobile link in question. I was mistaken in thinking that is the same thing as Automobile magazine. I was a little suspicious as I was surprised anyone from Automobile magazine (an American publication) would know what an Opel Vectra or Cadillac BLS are…

  3. Grip, they actually do have a mention of how common platform-sharing is these days in the last paragraph of the article, and they go on to examplify it with the Chrysler / Mercedes-Benz platform partenrship.

  4. Kroum: then I wonder how they can still claim a car “is based on” its platform mate. They should know that a platform is the barest bones part of the car and everything is built on top of that.

  5. Well, if they get the basics wrong the article is worthless. Even if they are writing good words abut the car. 😉

  6. It’s also funny that in other articles it’s never mentined that an Audi TT or a VW Passat or even the Audi A4 have parts of the odd Golf III/IV/V in them… I don’t know, if you in Oz know the VW Sharan. It’s the VW people carrier of smaller 7-seat-calibre. Even that is based on parts of the old Golf III – with massive consequences: the chassis parts aren’t strong enough to hold the 1.8 ton body. you’ve got to change most of them within three years or so… – in comparison should the cousinship with a Vectra C (actually, it’s the best one, they’ve build so far) be the smaller problem.
    In fact: there’s just about any problem. – My parents have one: it works fine.

  7. Everything VW makes is based on the Golf. They could make a Hummer and base it on the Golf. They could probably turn a Golf into a Harley if they tried hard enough. :p

  8. Its seems quite a positive writeup to me 🙂 and as Swade has pointed out the car has received universal praise up to now. I just want to get to my local dealer and drool!

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