Mystery Saab sales in Europe

Cue up the dissonant chords and other general harbingers of suspense…..

ctm forwarded these figures to me, and they make for some interesting reading. These are Saab’s sales in Europe during 2006:

Saab 9-3 – 52,113
Saab 9-5 – 26,280
Saab 9-3 Convertible – 11,493
Saab 9-7X – 550
Saab Various Models – 21

Total Saab – 90,457

Now, thing to wonder about with all of this is what were those “various models” that were sold? The only thing I can assume is that there were some imports of 9-2x’s somehow. But these are official model sales figures as reported by GM Europe, so unless some dealers were allowed to do special imports I’m not sure how this could have arisen.

Any ideas out there?


FYI, there were just under 3,500 Cadillacs sold in Europe in 2006, of which 1,250 were BLSs. Assuming Cadillac cost a very low $10,000,000 to market and operate in Europe in 2006 (not counting developmental stuff for BLS wagons etc) that’s a cost of around $2,900 per vehicle sold.

There were also 1,947 Hummers sold and 1,265 Corvettes.

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  1. Color me bad, but aren’t those Trollblazers sold in North America only? Wouldn’t that make those 550 units “imports”? If so, I thought the 9-2x shared that same charactoristic, and wouldn’t it be officially measured too? Hmm… mystery indeed.

  2. Nevitz: as of this year, a Swedish comapny import the 9-7X to Sweden and they sell a few. Guess it’s the same in other European countries.

  3. 550 isn’t bad for just a ‘few.’ Certainly not enough to contend with the HUMMER presence in Europe, though. šŸ™

    I wonder how many 9-2x’s are floating around outside of N.A.

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