New 2008 Saab 9-3 Microsite

Thanks to Mo for linking me up with this one.

Over on the Saab Global site, there’s a new saab 9-3 section in the form of a 9-3 microsite that you can play around with.

Saab 2008 9-3 Microsite

There’s a “test-track” for you to explore the various facets of the new range with the rational and emotional sides in mind.  You stop at various parts of the track and explore different features there.  There’s a few films on the car (which some may have seen) and some generic spec lists for each of the models and forms.

The theme running through it is “the new Saab 9-3 – A new design movement and a total driving experience.”

Amen to that.


I had a little trouble getting into the site at first, but a re-visit was well worth the trouble.  This slick production sets the model off really nicely.  Great stuff!

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  1. That link didn’t work for me. Being a software engineer, this sounds like the app wasn’t throughly tested, and pulled down from the public.

  2. Tims, that was my fault. Had a typo in the link, which I had to write in manually rather than just c+p. Fixed now.

    I’ve also amended what I said about the site not working fully on my first try. My second try yielded much better results and I got through the whole thing OK. Great site.

  3. Actually, I went thru it without flaw. It’s a great site.

    Check out the “rational” side for the Bose Stereo — speaks of Bluetooth integration. Was the problem fixed, or is this just the ‘international-umbrella’ spec info? Last I remember, the US can’t get that option.

    Mo: That’s a sweet pic! I like that spoiler! Much better than the Aero decklid-lip of prior gen’s.

  4. Nevitz, I think that bluetooth will once again be a non-US thing. You guys will have to still go with the aftermarket solution as far as I know.

  5. sorry, annoying site!!!

    anyways, did anyone here see Top Gear last night? They drove to brighton in a BLS and slammed it the whole way. Said it was a Saab in Caddy clothing. Steering wheel, indicator arms etc etc. So why, they asked, is it the same price as a 3 series, a Merc, or an Audi…. didn’t mention the 9-3 in that lot.

  6. I saw topgear last night – they certainly understood the Saab connection to the BLS. The funniest part of that was when they pondered – Who would buy a BLS? Answer: Radio DJs who insist on driving Cadillacs.

    As usual, the rest of the show was the TV highlight for my week.
    Ps – still think the Corvette would make the ideal base for a Sonnett. Seriously.

  7. PT: Remember, GM sells the Corvette at a loss. They can do this becuase of the money they make with trucks. It’s bad enough the ‘Vette shares underpinnings with the Caddy XLR, and an engine with the GTO (now nixed). Although, as a Saabist, I would have both pros and cons of making a Corvette based Sonnett. I saw some extremely impressive CGI’s of a Kappa based “Sonnett.” That would get my vote.

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