Opportunity knocks, Dave gently smashes door down!!

Now here’s a purchase story and a half.

Earlier I posted an entry on incentives to be announced July 3rd and how there were some incentives posted in error last weekend on the Saab USA site?

Well, Dave’s one smart cookie. He took a screenshot of the bucked up incentives and printed it. I’ll let him tell the story:

I must be the luckiest new SAAB owner there is. I had called my local dealer and found out that they had a beautiful Ice Blue 60th anniversary convertible in stock. I went out there after they had closed last Thursday and fell in love.

I had noticed on the SAAB site that the incentives were $3,000 + $1,000 for returning SAAB owners for 07’s. Well, I was back on the site on Friday to see that 07 convertibles were $6,000 + $1,000 off!

I was lucky enough to print this off as I was just blown away. Well, when I arrived at my dealer that evening, I had found out that they had several people call in about what was found on SAAB USA’s site. I was told they were actually for any new 06 stock and that it had been corrected.

Well, I decided that it was not my time to buy and left. I knew my dealer had no control over SAAB USA’s site and was just going to keep my 03 9-3 SS for a while longer. Well, 30 min later, I receive a call from my salesman and SAAB agreed to honor what was on the site since I had printed it off.

I am now the proud, lucky and very happy owner of my third SAAB and first SAAB convertible. As you can see in the pics, I have the 20th anniversary convertible wheels instead of the 60th. I think they are beautiful.

As for the incentives that were on the site, I believe they were as follows:

9-3 SS $4,000 off + $1,000 for SAAB owner
9-3 SC $3,000 + $1,000
9-3 CVT $6,000 + $1,000
9-5 S & SC $8,000 + $2,000
9-7X $4,500 + $2,000 (if I am not mistaken)


Here’s Dave’s new bargain, photographed below. Looks magnificent. Congratulations!!






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  1. Curious if anyone here knows how they figure ‘what’ the discount is for GM supplier. My company (or employer – Cuyahoga Community College) is eligible for the discount as a GM ASEP (GM’s homegrown school that trains future technicians – and yes I am integrating some SAAB into the curriculum as a result of recent training opportunities) college, so I thought I would take advantage of it.

    I am looking at a ’07 Saab 9-3 Aero SportCombi (drove it – love it), and dealing with a local dealer that we have no relationship with, but thought I would check them out and give them a chance. I let them know that I am eligible for the discount but they were a bit vague on what the percentage actually was. Is it off invoice or MSRP etc.? I didn’t want to beat them up on my initial visit, so I told them I would get back to them soon. Plus I wanted to wait for the next round of incentives that should appear on July 9th and that seems like a good idea based on what I am seeing here.

    Did some calculations and research and they seem to have quoted the vehicle at exact invoice price which is about 3.4% off MSRP sticker price. Compared to other GM vehicles I have done some research on (at another dealer) that is a bit high – so something smells a little foul to me…

    I bet they are building some of that into the possibility I might trade my current vehicle in – just to bump up the price of the trade. Love when they play that numbers game – make me feel like I am getting more for my trade when I am just paying more for the car I am buying.

    Probably will contact an old friend at the dealer I used to work at, but have not had time as they are clear across town. As always, buying a car is such a… (deep breath) fun experience. I hate cross shopping dealers and playing that game, but guess I am going to have to do that to get the best deal…

  2. Swade:
    Amazing deal he got here!

    My turn to chime in, I see. I too fell in love with a Combi, and purchased it at the end of April. I work for Nuvell, subsidiary of GMAC, and qualify for the Employee price, and became an expert at the prices and what they are. It’s quite simple, really. There is no set percentage, but there is a pricing matrix. You see, it was available to see by GM Employees through our intranet portal, but was taken down in May, replaced with, “See your Saab dealer for prices.” However, I have the .pdf file and would love to share it. Not sure how or where to upload it to view.

    I can certainly e-mail it, or perhaps if there is enough interest, I can e-mail it to Swade to post… ? (Swade, let me know.)

    Here’s a sample:

    9-3 2.0T Sedan Base
    MSRP : $26,250
    Supplier GMS: $25,298
    Employee GMS: $23,854

    The options are ala carte, for example:
    Sentronic Auto Transmission
    MSRP: $1,350
    Supplier GMS: $1,337
    Employee GMS: $1,283

    You would add the Base Price of the car (at the tier you qualify for), add the options, and add destination and prep fee, and wha-laa –> Total GMS Price.

    And there’s one better. After you figure trade, tax, tag, title, etc, then SUBTRACT the cash rebates/bonus cash/loyalty cash.

    For example, I bought:
    MY07 Saab 9-3 2.0T SportCombi ($24,978)
    Sentronic ($1,283)
    Moonroof ($1,032)
    60th Anniversary {remember, no up-charge to metallic paint with this} ($1,570)
    Destination ($745)
    Prep Fee ($130)
    Total Employee Price: $29,738

    Then subtract $3,000 Cash and $1,000 Saab loyalty. Not considering the tax/tag/title/trade-in, I essentially got the car for $25,738, and the MSRP was $33,215 (near $7,500 off MSRP)!

    After all GM has done for Saab, it’s the least the General can do for us! Can you say, “Thanks, GM!” ?

    Your savings may not be as steep (or heck, they might be with the NEW incentives) but it is just a great deal!

    It is always best to be armed with the info and prices. The price guide I have always helps. But there is another way to get the GMS price. Pick out a car in stock at the dealer, make sure it has the options you want, and then ask to SEE THE INVOICE! Towards the bottom, there should be a section that says: “GMS” and “SUPPLIER” with prices beside each. It should be a ‘NO HAGGLE’ price, but that depends on the deal you work out.

    Hope it helps!

  3. (Off topic)
    Swade, my apologies. My beauty has not felt photogenic since I got her. May I still send some pics your way, when she feels better, that is?

    You see, 4,000 miles and she gets sick on me. She’s not quite, well, “stable,” as she’s at the doc’s with “Traction Control and Stability Control Failure”! !!

    The mistress (err I mean loaner): MY07 Ca-dacky-lacky CTS 2.8.

    I feel a “Saab vs.” coming up if I could muster the time to write it. I’ve only had about an hour with the beast, and have formed a solid opinion about it.

  4. Nevitz,

    On post one: great stuff! If Ted requires, I can act as a conduit for the PDF, however I won’t post it.

    On post two: pics always welcome, as are well thought Saab Vs pieces. You can even take a pic of the Caddy too, which I promise to alter only a little 😉

  5. *laughs*

    My salesman was generous enough to bring the CTS to my work and pick up my Combi. I was intrigued at first, but when I got in, out of habit, put the key in the cup holder and thought, “The ignition is supposed to be there.” I started it up, looked over and asked, “Where’s the boost gauge?”

    Good times! 🙂

  6. Had to comment again.

    Dave, that’s one sexy lookin’ vert! Very good job with the know-how! Not sure if many agree, but after looking at many ‘verts, the black/60th Anniversary interior suits it the best. There are many reasons to get a lighter color, but I for one think the black is easier on the eyes, especially with the dark canvas.

    (A close second would be the interior for the MY06 20th Anniversary ‘vert, I’d say, that is in terms of 9-3’s.)

  7. 10k off a 9-5? 10k off pretty much, one of the best highway cruisers of all time… 10k off a superb car… that’s insane…

  8. WOW!!! $10,000.00 off of a 9-5!!! WOW!!! What a steal! But, I’ll still wait for the remake. I’d rather pay $10k more for what I am hoping the next one will be like.

  9. Nevitz –

    Thanks for taking the time to post that information – I really appreciate it. And if Swade can act as the ‘conduit’ – that .PDF file with the pricing matrix would be another great tool I could use. I assume he (Swade) can ‘see’ my email – so hopefully we can work something out.

    I am certainly not trying to beat up this dealer on price; I just want to make sure I get a fair deal. After working at a domestic GM dealer in service for over 12 years – well you see some things that happen in sales that make you wonder how some people sleep at night.

    Then again – this dealer probably saw me pull up in my 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix coupe and thought – “This guy is not a SAAB” guy. My Grand Prix has been a great vehicle for the past 10 years, but after (a) not really having much interest in anything GM has come out with since I bought that car and then (b) driving my friends 2006 Aero Sportcombi last fall and thinking – “ok, has GM been keeping SAAB under a rock or have I been under rock?” – What a great car, I need one!

    Thanks again gentlemen.

  10. Ted – you need to hurry that up and get it before it’s gone as a result of climate change. You will never regret it. Driving a Saab is almost bordering on the surreal experience – it is as if either you are dreaming or it is too good to be true and you keep asking yourself – how come I never thought of this? I have read and heard woeful stories from continental Europe to the US about the misfortunes and failures which are really alien in this part of the world – perhaps because of the 365 days a year sunshine and literally being fried daily! The ACC is the best piece this side of the North Pole. It is so addictive and follows function as opposed to form.

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