Parts a’comin

Now THIS is fast delivery!

I ordered some bits from John at Elkparts and through the wonders of technology I can track where they’re going and how long it’ll take to get here (nothing new, I know). I was keen on knowing this as we have a track day coming up and I was hoping to fit them to the Viggen beforehand.

Looks like I’ll be in luck. The parts left England on Wednesday and already they’re in Sydney, presumably in waiting to come down here to Tassie some time early this week. This package is much better traveled than I am, that’s for sure.

Parts tracking

Making it’s way to our little island is a new Forge Motorsport recirculating dump valve and a Taliaferro intake pipe. All helps in clearing the lungs a little.

Matt, you around next weekend??

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  1. Elkparts have always been pretty snappy for me too.

    As for the international tracking of deliveries…… could only smile & roll my eyes recently when at a large & important conference we were tracking a key delivery out of France. …… and somehow learning that your goods are not in Melbourne, but Liege is useful to know but not entirely the result that was hoped for.

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