Rhapsody in Blue – Saab Style

Almost everything written, spoken of or photographed in terms of colors for the new 9-3 has focused on the new Snow Silver. That’s OK as Snow Silver looks magnificent.

But the car looks pretty darn good in electric blue, too, don’t you think?

Blue Saab 9-3 Conv

This color’s still for the convertible only.

The photo is on SaabHuy’s Flickr collection, which I’d highly recommend as there’s some brilliant action photos there. Saabhuy’s saab site is here.

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  1. Swade, I see you using the griffin on the comment pages this morning – I reaally like it.
    A lot.
    Though I do love the AeroX image on the front page, I wonder if most visitors know what it is…

  2. Do you think this color will be available for a “Black Turbo” 9-3 Aero X SportCombi, in, say, June of 2009?

    I’ve never owned a blue Saab before. Red, black, green, and white, but never blue.

  3. Ahhh! Compared to the OLtimer, looks like 08 took a punch in the nose. The recent BMWs do a better job on the new “lightbrow” thing. No more bumpstrips? And whats with the unnecs towhook flap? Its like a zit. Cant these be put behind the license or some other less obvious spot. Still out on the grille.

  4. I’d rather not have to remove my license plate to have to get to the tow hook. Also, as much as I like how BMW’s headlights look, the rest of the recent ones are just Godawfully ugly.

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