Richo’s tuning it up, baby!

I’m not the only Viggen owner here in Oz looking to get a little bit more out of his car!

Many of you know that I have a mate in Sydney, Richo, who has a Viggen as well. He’s a few steps ahead of me in terms of getting his Viggen up to the desired level, and here’s what he got in the mail today.

Richo’s Saab PPC

That’s a BSR PPC unit to reprogram his ECU and lift his horsepower and torque ratings, as well as a Forge BOV replacement unit and some Powerflex bushes (for the steering rack, I believe). All of which were purchased from Elkparts.

Note, Richo previously tried an atmospheric unit for the BOV on the recommendation of a mechanic at a Saab dealership and it didn’t produce the desired results. Yet another reason why I tend to wonder a little about the technicians that aren’t specifically trained on Saabs – and the big problem is you don’t generally know when you put your car in which ones are and which ones aren’t trained on Saabs.

But I digress.

It’ll be mucho interesting to see how this upgrade turns out. Richo’s planning on shooting some before and after film, so we’ll all get to see the results.


Little did he know, but the bike had the wrong VIN#

BSR bike tune

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  1. Just waiting for Noah to swing by…. it’s dumped 50mm in 12 hours here so I don’t tink i’ll be trying out the extra power in the rain.

  2. If either of you want to add a second Viggen to the garage, there is a black 2000 5 door for sale in WA for $15,000.

  3. yeah, it’s been on there for quite some time now

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  4. Nice new site layout matey looks good.

    Now my question is this, why would either of you not go for a custom ecu from either Nordic or Abbott that will achieve more POWER!!, I dont see the sense in having a unit that can be de-tuned back to factory its not like the cars are under factory warranty anymore.

    just my 2cents worth


  5. Well it goes a litte like this…

    You plug the PPC in to your car, it reads it, you then plug it in to your PC it sends it and in 5 days they send the programme back to you and you reconnect and upload to the car…

    that’s not what i had in mind as i waited for an hour and 20 last night for it to read my car. i thought i was going to drive away with the new programme, but no 🙁

    So still i wait………

    ps – still highly convenient though

  6. Saaboy, yep and it’s great to ride too. Cost me a bundle so it bloody ought to!

    As for the 1 manpower Nevitz, well you’ve obviously never met me. Clearly I prefer horses…..oops

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