Saab 9-3 first delivery!

We’ve had a photo of what was definitely the first production model, and I’ve mentioned a few early orders of the 9-3. Taking the lead from those, Markus sent me some photos via email – the first I’ve seen of a vehicle delivered to a dealer.

Thanks to Markus for sending these in. The dealership is in Kiel, in Germany, and the convertible looks beautiful in black!

2008 Saab Convertible


2008 Saab Convertible


And yeah, I know it’s probably not THE first delivery to a dealer, but it’s the first I’ve seen, so that’s good enough reason to show it.

If you’re a dealer making THE first known delivery to a customer – record the moment and send it in!

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  1. Assuming you were going for flying vagina…flying vagina is a little harsh. You’ve got at least four more years of genital aviation to go, so there’s no use in whining about it.

    I’ve never seen a vagina shaped like an upside-down trapezoid. Flying ass-in-a-bikini would fit better if you’re going for lady parts.

  2. Hopefully on Monday we get the next one… It should be a 9-3 Sport Sedan, but i don’t know the colour yet…

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