Saab 900 month coming – start here!

August will be the month of Saab 900 loving, and I’ve even created a dedicated category for it.

To get you all in the mood, I’ve managed to get in touch with Alex, the owner of that blue 900 from the Saab Festival. You know the one:

Alex Saab 900

There’s a few more photos below, but first a little about the car….ok, a lot of info about the car.


My name is Alexander.

I come from a place in Norway with about 12000 citizens. It’s a small place but we have big group that love Saabs. My brother had two OG900s, my Mom has a 9-3 AERO now, and my dad an old Saab 96. So you can say that i have a “background” with Saab.

When I was 17, I started to look for an old 900. When I got one, it was white, rusty and had an useless 8 valve engine.

I started by upgrading to a 16v engine, with welded pistons from a Cosworth. I also bought an Autronic SMC fuel injection kit to run it.

Alex900 engine work

Of course, I had more plans for the car, which included fixing the rust. When that was done, I had to paint it again, and my choice was the 270 Lightning Blue. Viggen colour!! Here is the car on its way to the painter.

Alex900 and Hummer

After it was painted, I welded in a roll cage. At first, it was just for the look, but now I am thinking about the safety aspect and that it is better for the chassis! I moved the fuel filler and had to weld new pipes for the fuel as well.

Here is the car at the Saab Festival 2 years ago (2005).

Alex900 2005

The red interior was awful, and I got a hand on 2 used “Sparco Torino 2” seats. For the backseat, I bought the leather on ebay, and “refitted” it.

The rims are OZ Supertorismo wrc, and i love how improved the car is when they are on. I had the old 114,3 before, and switched to 4×108. To get the rims on, and to improwe the handling, I bought new bushings all over.

A few facts about the engine:

    16 valve
    welded pistons
    Autronic SMC
    720cc injectors
    K&N filter
    2.3 cylinder head with changed camshaft.
    2.1 inlet.
    Turboxs boost controller.
    Turboxs BOV.

Gearbox: 4 gears from an old saab 99. uppgraded! with oil coolant. Gearshifter from a rallycross car

Alex900 interior

I have spent TOO much bloody money on this car, so i will never sell it. It’s my first car, and has a great history.


There’s heaps more photos that I could have posted, but it would have killed my bandwidth. I’ll ask Alex about the possibility of posting them to Flickr or a similar site so that they can be viewed publicly. It’s a great rebuild story, which I thank him for sharing with us.

Following are a few more photos of the nearly completed car, a-la 2007. These projects never finish.

Alex900 engine

Alex900 rear


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  1. A Saab towed by a Hummer. 🙂

    I like the big Griffin. That add more personality then any other paint job could do.

  2. Looks like GME Premium has struck Norway already. If only THAT was the only Hummer there… *sigh*

    I’m not big on 900’s (don’t stone me!) but this one is gorgeous. He sure chose the perfect color with the Viggen blue!

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