Saab ‘motorsports’ update

Autoblog have a decent size photo collection from the 24 Hours of LeMons, one leg of which was run last weekend in Altamont, California.

The 24HOL is a motorsports spoof of sorts, aiming to mimic the famous French race but for not nearly as long and using a lot more water, smoke, gas, car crushers, food and drink. Entries have to cost less than $500, including all work done to the car since you owned it except for safety gear.

To give you an idea of how straight-forward the event is, here’s a sampling of the rules:

  • Organizer’s decisions are final. If you don’t like it, tough. Get your own race.
  • Refunds and Compensation for Loss: There are none. Forget it. It ain’t gonna happen. You get zip. Squat. Nada. Can’t get your act together? Tough nuts. T-boned on Lap One? Listen to the crickets. Abducted by space aliens? Boo-hoo
  • In addition to accidents and other unfortunate boo-boos, one car may be selected by blind ballot of all registered participants for immediate removal and total destruction. It could be your car. It probably WILL BE your car. Them’s the breaks. Don’t bring it if you ain’t OK with losing it

As you can see, the focus is on fun.

There were at least two Saabs entered in the race and the good news is that it looks like both manage to finish. Given that there were 83 starters and only around 40 or so finishers, that’s not too bad. Both Saabs were classic Saab 900s from the photos I’ve seen. These come from Autoblog’s postings on the event.

Saab 900 at LeMons 1

Saab 900 at LeMons 2

The car in the lower photo appears to be #3, run by a guy from the SoCal Saab Club. The Team is called Saabs Gone Wild and it’ll have it’s own website, soon. They managed to finish 13th. Car #70 finished 7 laps behind in 17th place.

So why start up a website for a banger Saab being used for just one race? Well, it ain’t one race only. The 24HOL will actually comprise three race events this year, two in California and one in Michigan. Lyle will be running this #3 car – and possibly two others – in the second California race in October.

I’m reliably told that he could possibly use some assistance for the next race, so if you’re looking for something that looks like a hell of a lot of fun and a relatively cheap motorsports activity without much of the motorsports pressure, then this might be the gig for you.

I’ll pass on more details as they become available.