Saab pin collection

Whilst visiting Elkparts to get the links for my previous post, I noted they have this new collection of Saab pins for sale. It features eight different Saab badges from UrSaab’s red sheild to the present day.

Saab pin collection

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The Elkparts product page for this pin collection is located here.

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  1. Man, I wish Elkparts had a U.S. distributor. There are so many cool things there I’d like to buy but after adding-on shipping costs it’s cost-prohibitive to have the stuff shipped to the U.S.

    Many of the things at Elkparts are available from SAAB Expressions (which in the U.S. ships out of the Illinois area), but I see that this pin set isn’t (yet).

  2. Thanks teager. I had checked the U.S. SAAB Expressions website and didn’t see it.

    What I really want is the SAAB Everywhere Bike, but I’d have to save-up my pennies for that!

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