Saab sales – from the gulf

Here’s a Saab market that I haven’t reported on before.

We’re six months into the year, but that doesn’t matter as Mohammed in Kuwait has sent in figures for the whole six month period.

GM sales in the region were 66,650 and of those, around 46,000 were Chevys. Interestingly, just over 8,000 of them were Caprices, made here in Australia. That 66,650 cars represented a 6% rise over 2006 sales.

On to Saab sales. It’s small numbers at 176 vehicles – for the six month period – but that represents a rise of 36%.

I suppose the power of a six with a four cylinder and fuel economy in general isn’t such an issue in many of the gulf states. Still, it’s good to see Saab get a guernsey there and interesting to hear that there’s much of a market there for them at all.

Mohammed – your Saab pictures would be warmly welcomed. If there’s a Kuwaiti Saab Club then please let us know and shoot a few pictures at your next outing.

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  1. Very interesting sales figures provided by Mohammed, Saabs are popular here in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. I would really love from Mohammed to email me to form a Saab enthusiasts gathering or a Saab club in the gulf region.

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