Saab Sonett in Classic Cars Magazine

I don’t know how many people that visit here might pick up Classic Cars magazine, but if you’re a Saab clippings collector you might want to seek out the August 2007 issue.

The website is here but it doesn’t include an online story (not yet anyway).

Classic Car Sonett


As an aside, whilst looking over a collection of cars down at the locks in Trollhattan the night before the festival started, we ran into a yellow Sonett. It was parked directly across from a red one (most likely the one in this photo). We were amazed. There were only six of these made – and we were seeing two of them in a random meeting?

We talked to the lady sitting next to the yellow one and as we chatted with her, we asked how they managed to acquire it. It tuned out that this was their second Sonett, and her husband had made both of them.

He’d done a brilliant job with it. At first glance there was no doubt it was the real deal. It was only on looking at some of the details that you could tell.

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  1. Now that’s a tough one. Driving a car prior to it’s release or driving a car that’s one of only six ever made.

    I think I’d have to give you that one….

  2. Brendan, wasn’t that the most fun? When I got the chance to ride in the orange Sonett at the SAAB 60th Anniversary event in San Diego I think that is the most fun I’ve had riding in a car. It feels like you’re traveling REALLY fast, but you’re not. What a thrill.

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