Saab T-Shirt Update

SaabDesignShopI’m waaaaay overdue for a T-shirt update. It’s largely because of the site re-design and the fact that I wanted to do a separate page for the shirts. That page is now complete and available at the “SHOP” link in the menu underneath the banner image at the top of the page.

Or you can just click here.

I’ve posted just a small sample of Ivan’s designs at that link, but there’s heaps of different designs and a huge choice of shirts to put them on. In fact, there’s a massive 128 different products in the Euro shop and a gargantuan 181 products in the US/Asia shop! And if you’re looking for a design/shirt combination that we don’t have then just let us know and we can make it up for you. Easy peasy.

What’s more, Ivan will even make up a custom design for you if we haven’t got something in the catalog that you’re keen on.

TS TeeThe Saab Festival has already been and gone, but there’s other festivals coming around now that the northern summer is in full swing. SOC is only a month or so away in the US and I’m sure there’s others happening in the UK and Europe. If you order your Saab Design Shop T-shirt early enough then you can look as snappy as this happy camper on the left.

That’s a TS Viggen tee in gold on a black T-shirt, posted on Robin M’s Flickr account, so I assume it’s Mrs M looking so sharp!

There’s two shops available, one for the US and Asia and one for Europe.

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