Saab Tarmac Racing

During the course of the Saab Festival there were a number seminars held at various locations in Trollhattan. This short video will show you part of the seminar presented by Bo Lindman from Swede Team Motor. Bo was speaking on Saab’s history in tarmac racing.

There’s a lot of Saab folklore surrounding Saab’s rally history, but there isn’t too much known about Saab’s history on tarmac.

This video is around seven minutes long. I was hoping to record the entire ‘historic’ section of the presentation, but it was at the end of the day and I only had 15 minutes of tape left. Unfortunately, I missed the tail end of the historic section due to a lack of tape, but I hope you still enjoy what I got.

Brandan and I both agreed that this was definitely the best presentation we attended during the festival. I’ll try and get the second part up on site as soon as possible.

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  1. Great, thanks! First time I’ve heard of chemical processing to lighten the body for racing. What did they do, dip it in acid?

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