Saab USA sales incentives go larger

Only 36 hours or so until I get home and back to normal…..


I’ve been meaning to post on this for a few days now, but staying with friends and working in unfamiliar places, my web time has been a little restricted.

A week or so ago I fell for the latest round of Saab USA incentives as being THE ONES that included the super-dooper age incentive on older stock. That wasn’t the case.

A few people have written in earlier this week to let us all know that incentives have actually been upped even further on selected stock – which is as per the deal I heard back in early July. I just didn’t think it’d take this long to get to market.

So, the deals for you 2007 hunters are as follows:

Saab 9-3 – all model variants:
– basic $4,000 customer cash PLUS
– $500 summer bonus cash on selected specially marked models PLUS
– $1,000 loyalty cash bonus for people who already own a Saab

Total 9-3 incentive – $5,500 (assuming you own a Saab already)


Saab 9-5 – all model variants:
– basic $4,000 customer cash PLUS
– $2,000 summer bonus cash on selected specially marked models PLUS
– $2,000 loyalty cash bonus for people who already own a Saab

Total 9-5 incentive – $8,000 (assuming you own a Saab already)


Saab 9-7x:
– basic $5,000 customer cash PLUS
– $2,000 summer bonus cash on selected specially marked models PLUS
– $2,000 loyalty cash bonus for people who already own a Saab

Total 9-7x incentive – $9,000 (assuming you own a Saab already)


The vehicles that will attract the additional summer bonus cash are generally going to be amongst the oldest 30% in the dealer’s stock. But a brand new car is a brand new car. If you’re a little short of the regular price then this is your chance.

You can bet your first born that the MY08 9-3 won’t be seeing this kind of dealing for a looooong time.

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  1. There is also another $500 USD if you are are active or retired military. They have made it so attractive, my wife and I are going to go look at a 9-5 on Saturday. I was going to wait until Aug/Sep and go to Trollhattan and get a 2008, but I can be persuaded for a 2007.

  2. Send em back to Sweden, put Diesels or E85 or RearDrive electric motors inem and Ill buy 5 at list+, Bob. (Well maybe not the E85…thatd be too easy)

    BTW someone mentioned earlier they dreamt Sir Richard Branson took over Saab. Ya gotta smile…it sure aint a bad dream compared to the daily Groundhog Day nightmare of present management.

  3. Well, I took the plunge this week and should have my new 9-3 Aero SportCombi in a few days. The rebate along with a GM supplier discount sweetened the deal even more. They had to get the color I wanted (Nocturne Blue), so it took them a day or so to locate it, but it is on the way.

    Thanks to the gentlemen on this site that sent me some information along on pricing…

  4. Do any of you folks have an opinion on when would be the best time to buy an ’07 9⁵ Aero Wagon (in the U.S.)? When would I get the best incentives?

    Would it be in January when the ’08s are out, and everyone’s excited about buying the XWD 9³ Aero? They’ll need to clear stock of ’07 9⁵s assuming they still have them on dealer lots then (they did last year, I think).

    I’m thinking of trading-up my wife’s 2001 9³ 5-door for a 9⁵ Aero Wagon (unfortunately with an auto trans as my wife can’t drive manual…). I really like those. I must be getting old. 🙂

    I’d like to take advantage of the 9⁵ playing second-fiddle to the 9³ and get one “for a song” if possible. Normally the 9⁵ is way out of my price range. Of course I have favored colors, but beggars can’t be choosers. The only deal-breaker I have is that it would have to have the ventilated sport seats option installed. I really like the Anniversary Edition in Ice Blue (exclusive color to that model), but it’s not available with ventilated seats. Can you imagine? Who planned that one!?!?

  5. 1985 Gripen – You may want to consider the week between Christmas and New Years Day — I have heard anecdotally that you can get some excellent deals at that time as dealers try to close their books for the year.

  6. News from me — By this time tomorrow I may be joining in Ted’s celebration toast as a new Saab owner (er, technically it will be my wife’s car although I plan to drive it on weekends as much as possible). The offer on the table is US$26,635 for a 9-3 Anniversary Edition 2.0T sedan with automatic (like I said, it’s my wife’s car!). That includes the $4000 cash back and no other incentives as I don’t qualify and the car is fresh off the boat from Sweden. MSRP is US$31,920.

    Our original plan was to wait until the MY2008 but…this seems like a good price and we do like the option packages on the Anniversary Edition.

    Anyone out there think this is crazy? I must admit, seeing the news today that there will be a $2500 dealer incentive right off the bat for the new 9-3 has made me second-guess myself.

  7. James, personally I’d take an ’07 Anniversary Edition 9³ over an ’08 if it’s that much less expensive. The only thing you’d be missing-out on is the new exterior look. $2500 off an ’08 is nothing compared to the incentives you’ll get on the ’07 Anniversary.

    Also, the Anniversary Package was a couple of grand more premium over the basic model as well so you’re getting a great price! Is the new ’08 look worth $1500 extra to you? Plus on the ’08 you won’t get the extras you get with the Anniversary Edition: 17″ wheels, special seats with gray inserts and SAAB logo embossed on them, exclusive black floor mats with gray binding detail, premium audio with 6-disc changer and XM Radio, fog lamps, rear spoiler, dark walnut interior trim, and dual power front seats.

    I believe the ’08 will sell for slightly more than the ’07, but assuming it’s the same price (as the ’07 non-Anniversary Edition) you’d be paying $28,345 MSRP for no other options but auto transmission. That would mean with the $2,500 cash-back you’d get it for $25,845 for the ’08 but wouldn’t be getting all the extras in the Anniversary Edition kit.

    Then again, if you buy an ’08 you have a choice of getting Pepper Green Metallic or Snow Silver. As much as I like these colors (especially Snow Silver) I think I’d like the Ice Blue exclusive to the Anniversary Edition simply due to its exclusivity (and it’s a nice color anyway).

  8. I’m hoping they adjust the Canadian prices for the 2008 MY. Right now the US price is a lot lower after the currency exchange, even without these rebates, (9-3 SS starts at $27k USD, which is about $28k CAD, but the Canadian price is $36k CAD!) and Saab Canada only has 0.5% financing, no rebates.

  9. James – I kind of went through the same thing as you pondering ‘when I should get the car’ and should I wait for a ’08 but in the end I really like the 2007 – it is a sharp car and I have been planning on getting one since I drove a friends 2006 last year, so it was time. There will always be something newer out there, so you gotta jump in at some point.

    The other thing that motivated me was that my wife will probably be ready for a car in three years or so – so if I didn’t do anything now and kept waiting and pondering I might be driving my current car for the rest of my life. Especially if she decided she wanted something sooner.

    Hopefully my car will be here this weekend. It is being flat-bedded in from New Jersey to Cleveland, OH so we are in a holding pattern at this point.

  10. Thanks all, for the comments. Gripen — I did a similar bit of math in my head and pretty much came to the same conclusion. The option package on the Anniversary Edition is an excellent deal. A similar set of options would be at least $1000 more and we’d have to move to the Aero trim level to get those sport seats.

    As for the prices up in Canada — I’d wonder what the sales numbers have been up North in the past year. My general impression is that sales are relatively sluggish here in the Washington, DC area — albeit probably up a bit now that all the incentives have kicked it. But if cars are being moved in Canada, I guess Saab has no incentive to, well, provide incentives!

  11. James: the Anniversary Edition option adds $1,825 to the price but as you mention if you could add all those options individually it’d likely cost you thousands more and some of the things you can’t add (like the 17″ wheels) without buying them as part of an expensive “premium package” anyway. You don’t get any of the exclusives either (wheels, seats, floor mats) as you mention. And as you mention some of the options are only available on the Aero model. The Anniversary Edition is a great deal. You get the Aero look in the 2.0T package.

  12. James, just a quick addition to the commentary on the 07 vs 08 debate. There’s more to the 08 than just a new exterior. As has been mentioned in the press for this car, they made over 2,000 changes to it. And as a whole package, they are noticable. I’d encourage you to check out the 2008 Saab 9-3 category here and spend some time on the official releases (which detail the major changes) and the recent press.

    Having saud that, the 2007 Anniversary is a great package indeed and I saw heaps of them being made whilst I was visiting the factory because demand for them has been so high.

    I don’t think you can go wrong either way, esp with the offers on 07s now available. But if you ask me, the 08 shouldn’t be dismissed as it’s a great drive and an the changes are tangible.

  13. Never fear, Swade…I have devoured all details of the upcoming 08 as fast as you can type them. I’ve been following your simply excellent site ever since I found it (not too long ago, unfortunately, but long enough).

    Our plan was, in fact, to buy an 08…actually, an image of a Snow Silver 08 taken from your site was the background on my desktop for several weeks until my wife felt moved to replace it with a picture of our puppy for some reason. But…I’ve got my eye on the XWD — a feature that my wife neither needs nor desires. And, she’s in the market for a car now, not next spring.

    So, while we could wait for the 2008s to arrive in a few months I do feel that financially it’s a pretty good decision to go with the 07 Anniversary Edition. My wife loves the current model styling, she likes the interior better than the

  14. I purchased my new Aero 9-5 combi wagon (MT) on a Monday – and the deals got better Tuesday–the NEXT day! Has anyone ever heard of Saab/GM/dealer resolving the pricing in a situation like this? With the addditional cash incentives, the price difference (was at least) $1,000. Thanks! ~~~and by the way, it is a treat to drive!

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