Saab GB sending the 9-5 off with a bang!

Want to get a 300hp Saab that’s covered by warranty from Saab itself?

When I wrote yesterday about sending the 9-5 off with a parade rather than a whimper, this is the sort of thing I had in mind. It’s obviously do-able, so here’s hoping that more markets pick up the idea, do it, and promote the daylights out of it.

Saab Great Britain have a limited offer on 9-5 Aeros, which will turn these 2007 models into quite collectable machines. It’s a free Hirsch upgrade worth a somewhat staggering £7,000. Let me do some currency translations for you:

£7,000 is around A$16,5000, or US$14,000, or SEK95,500. Whichever way you cut it, that’s a lotta clams!!

What you get for your no money:

Hirsch IPRO engine power upgrade to 300PS. The 300hp upgrade listed on the Hirsch website includes intercooler, air filter system, intake, exhaust system (noted below), fuel pressure regulator and ECU replacement.

Hirsch sports exhaust (mentioned above),

Hirsch lowered sports suspension,

New 18″ wheels and 225/40-18 tyres

New 17″ front brake,

Aluminium pedals.

Now, it has to be said that the Hirsch stuff ain’t cheap. I could do many of these upgrades through companies other than Hirsch for a fair chunk less that A$16,000.


The Hirsch gear is top shelf stuff and endorsed by Saab. Hirsch is the only tuning company you can use and 100% maintain your Saab warranty and service intervals. It’s all designed to comply with the emissions regulations in place when your car was sold.

And aside from all that nice legal stuff, I drove a Hirsch 9-5 in Melbourne last year at it was mind-blowing!! The acceleration and perhps more importantly, the ability to stop in a controlled manner, was just brilliant. It was without a doubt the fastest and most exhilarating Saab I’ve ever personally driven.

Here’s the wheels, tyres and brakes I believe they’re offering. They’re noted on the site as being an 18″ kit with 17″ brakes.


I’d actually love to get a set of these for the Viggen to replace the soft stock wheels. A mate of mine, SAB, recently put a set of these on his 2002 9-3 Aero for some photos and they looked maaaaaagnificent.

All that aside, this is one heck of an offer and it’s available for purchases between July 1st and September 30th. Delivery must be taken before December 31st 2007. A 9-5 Aero costs a reasonable amount of scratch in the UK, but with this upgrade you’re getting one heck of a car.

Just as the 9-5 should be.


My thanks to Cerulean for the tip in comments.

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  1. And to think i’d left thoughts of the old country far behind…….the first reason to move back in 14 years:>)

  2. I wish it were, Gen. Unfortunately Hirsch products, despite being Saab’s official factory tuning company, aren’t available in the US. You’re not alone, though. We can’t get them where I live in Australia either.

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