Saab still kicking bio-ass in Sweden

This is a translated press release from Saab Sweden that I’m doing my best to clean up. Oh, and they didn’t use the term bio-ass, that’s a Trollhattan Saab original.


Saab at the head the environment class

The success continues for Saab’s environmentally friendly BioPower models. Saab is now the leading supplier of environmentally friendly ethanol-run cars (E85) both on the Swedish and the European market.

Saab has, during the period January to May this year, delivered closer to 5 000 BioPower 9-3 and 9-5 models to customers in Sweden. This success continued during June, when the new Saab 9-3 BioPower, that was launched during the spring went straight up to first place in the Swedish sales statistics for ‘green’ vehicles. Saab thereby reached a market share of 38 percent during June.

“it is very pleasing that our customers appreciate the alternative we can to offer in the form of BioPower. BioPower makes it possible to choose a car that is both environmentally friendly and safe, without needing to compromise comfort, handling or performance”, says Saab automobile’s CEO Jan Åke Jonsson.

Saab has during the last years clear positioned itself as a technology leader when it applies to fully using ethanol’s potential as a fuel. The technology is based essentially on Saab’s over 30 years long experience of sophisticated turbocharging technology that makes it possible to combine high performance with low CO2-emissions.

Saab Automobile continues the development work with a vision that in the future they can deliver new engines that will be exciting and at the same time energy be an energy efficient alternative. For example, a combination of BioPower and hybrid technology, something that in addition was shown in the Aero-X concept that was presented for the general public the previous year.

“The interest for what we do in Sweden, both when it comes to technology and infrastructure for ethanol use, is quite high from the rest of the world. Countries like Norway, Ireland and France follow our Swedish examples and invests on expansion of infrastructure. We receive daily questions to us about our environment car investments”, says Jan Åke Jonsson.

He will be accompanied by Saab’s technical expert Kjell ac Bergström, to attend in the year’s politics week Almedalen where they among other thing will be meeting Minister for the Environment second Carlgren. Jan Åke Jonsson has moreover, as only industrial representative, of the European Commission been asked to contribute at an international environment conference on tip level.


I think I got most of that to make sense. The important bit at the start is that the 9-3 has indeed taken leadership in the green-car stakes and has further enhanced Saab’s position in this emerging market.

As more countries in Europe come on board with the use of E85, as will happen with time, Saab are well positioned to capitalise on their work in this area.

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