Saab Two-Strokers on track

I’m slowly getting through the various videos shot whilst in Sweden last month.

This one’s got some film of the various two-stroke Saabs that took to the track at Kinnekulle Raceway on Saturday, June 9. They started out like a house on fire but many of them slowed down after a few laps, and given that parts must be hard to get if things go wrong I could understand why.

I really was a pleasure to see them all going ’round. And there was considerable enthusiasm in the pit lane for all these old cars before they actually got out too.

Please enjoy!

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  1. Robin, I would dare say you’re 100% correct. Some of them are definitely going quicker than my diesel auto convertible. Not sure about the 9-5, though, but definitely the diesel.

  2. those babies sound amazing! you totally made my weekend getting to see those old girls race around and make such nice sounds. thanks swade…

  3. Oh, so many two-strokers, I’ve got to get there some day! Nice snappy intro music, and then the music only got better, had the volume turned way up for this one. Thanks for not forgetting us old timers swade.

  4. haha two stroke!!! I love that sound, now I know what everyone talks about… Never actually heard em on the track…

    they should try putting turbo’s on those things ;);)

  5. Gunnar and Ted (and everyone) – if you can possibly get there at all, whether by begging, stealing or borrowing, then make sure you do.

    2009 is the next festival and it’s well worth the trip.

  6. This was one of my highlights of the track day. Till this day two-strokes generally were for me classic cars driven for display, even on those public road ‘rallies’ on meetings the drive usually carefully (and according to law 🙂 )
    But what what I saw there left me with just 1, oh 2 issues … where to get one and how to set money aside 🙂

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