Sonett Experience

When you can photograph something like this, below, you know you’re in the presence of something rare.

Saab 94 Sonett plate

Whilst I was hanging out with the new Saab 9-3 on June 11 and having the time of my life, another Aussie – Brendan B – was enjoying himself in the undisturbed presence of one of Saab’s rarest vehicles – one of the six original Saab Sonett Super Sports.

I’ve not yet asked Brendan for the story about how this came to happen, but I figured the pictures were too good to leave unpublished for now. I’ll get the story from him some time soon and re-post this entry in it’s entirety. As good as the drive in the new 9-3 was, I’d have to say that Brendan probably scored a more worthwhile treat, when looked purely from a Saab fan’s point of view.

Until that story arrives, click these images to enlarge and enjoy one of Saab’s greatest creations. The full Flickr set featuring a couple more photos is here.

Saab Sonett

Saab Sonett

Saab Sonett Engine

Saab Sonett

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  1. It strikes me as odd that even though there were only six Sonetts made, I hear about them all the time. I’m mostly surprised that any of these cars ever left Trollhattan or even move around at all outside of Saab’s control.

  2. That car will look cool forever. But it’s gotten really hard to save copies of the photos with the flashy new display technique. Anybody know an easier way than doing a print screen capture?

  3. Ted…you can’t right-click on them?

    Then again, I have a Dell, maybe you have an Apple. If that’s the case, I’m gonna go right-click on lots of things. :p

  4. It’s not an Apple-thing, I’m having no trouble whatsoever with my MacBook. If you don’t have a two-button mouse, you can use the control-button as a “modifier” key. In combo with your mouse it should give you a contextual menu.

  5. Well, I knew that, and if Ted DOES have an Apple, he’d probably know that too, I was just messing with him. If he can’t right click or ctrl click or whatever, then that’s a little odd.

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