Sonett III in purgatory

If I was going to design a current (or future) version of the Saab Sonett III it’d be dead easy. I’d just do a Sonett-sized Aero-X. If I had to base it more on the original Sonett III design, it might be a bit more difficult. But I sure wouldn’t do what the winner of this website competition has done.

You can see the first place getter in this short video. Can I pay respect to the effort that’s gone into it and still dislike the final product? Hopefully. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, I guess.

I found this video via a post at Saab History, and I have to agree with Ryan on the preferred version, though even that one looks too much like a 30 year old Ferrari for me to be comfortable.

Watch and squirm learn:

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  1. isnt the winner a Lego Technics car? looks like one anyway.
    I kinda like the one at 01:00 reminds me of the EV-1!

  2. 2nd place looks great… with cues to the original shape. The rest of the errr “competition” look like they have been designed by 12 year olds with degrees in microsoft paint! Farrrgllleeeee!

  3. I also like number 2. The other ones looked like disgusting Japanese street racers. Because we all know Saab is about ostentation.

    Did anyone notice the four door one? I thought that was kinda neat, it looked a little like the Maserati Quattroporte.

  4. I forgot to say why I hate today’s street racer subculture, as opposed to how things were, say, 20 years or so ago. They all seem to think that any small car will look great if big, gaudy rims are added, and the cheesiest, most disgusting body kit is applied. It doesn’t matter what the car looked like originally, they all have to end up looking pretty much the same: like the numbers three and one winner in that contest. Bleah.

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