Still MORE tuning goodness from BSR

I got this email in just after the last post I did on BSR tuning goodness. Seeing as how it’s here, I may as well spread it around:

You may wonder why the last story, and this one, contain no names and minimal geographic info. Well, in certain countries mods like this one are of questionable legality, and there’s also the warranty issues to consider.

Also, by posting these, I’m not saying that you should all go out and risk voiding your warranty. By no means. You’re all big boys and can make your own decisions. It’s just information from people that have done it.

And they all seem like happy campers


I’ve had BSR stage-1 on ’07 SC now for 15000km (I’ve driven now 20000km total). It’s been awesome. Not a single negative comment I can give. The support from BSR has been excellent, I’ve asked some questions that came into my mind and always they give exact answers in no time.

On the 20th of April I happened to visit the BSR website to see if there’s something new for my car and I made the PPC sync also (a software update mentioned in the last BSR post). I noticed that the comment for the software had changed from v1.2 to v2 (originally I had v1.1 and got some “fix” as v1.2). I downloaded v2 to the car and started driving it.

At first I didn’t notice anything, but after few moments of driving it felt like there was maybe a slight increase in torque. There were no comments about the v2 on BSR site back then.

Finally, a few days ago, I got an email from BSR that the new v2 has 20Nm more torque and 11hp more power, FOR FREE to download!! So this confirmed my thoughts and feelings about what happened during the software upgrade.

So, all I can say is that both their software and service are excellent! New v2 works perectly on an 06 – 1,8t & 2,0t engines. To me it was definitely the best bang for buck and because I bought it from a motor show I got a 15% discount on it.

This is how the engine should’ve been straight from factory. Very quick spoolup from turbo, and nice kick when full boost comes. Just simply awesome!


Another happy customer!

I’m getting my steering rack brace fitted on the Viggen next week and then there’s only a few more bits and pieces to take care of before I try one of these out for myself.

The Viggen’s a brilliant car to own, but jeez there’s a lot of stuff to take care of before you put the power down (or up, as the case may be).

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